[anzac] "I WAS HEALED Via YOUTUBE!" - Pass This Video On!

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From: "REVIVAL List" <prophetic@...>
Date: Wed, 10 Jul 2013 00:32:49 +1200
"HEALED VIA YOUTUBE!" - Pass This Video On!

If you know anyone who is sick, please pass the video below on
to them. We all know it is Jesus Christ that heals, not any man.
But praise God, His healing power is flowing through Torben in
a mighty way. Read this testimony from one of my readers-

Tammy wrote-
"I was thrilled you posted his video, this led me to more of his
videos on Youtube and I found one called, "I will Pray for you on
TV."  Well, he prayed and my knee pain that I had for years went
away immediately and has not come back! Hallelujah! I was
shocked! It actually took me a few minutes to sink it all in.

"(My knees have been in so much pain. It hurt to sit down, go up
and down stairs, they even hurt at night when I sleep. NOT ANY
MORE!!! The Lord INSTANTLY healed them for me tonight... I ran
up and down the stairs several times, sat down, got back up,
bent them in all kinds of ways and I have zero pain!!!)

"I have said for years, I do not need to go to the doctor, the Lord
is going to heal my knees... What an awesome ministry and
what an awesome God we serve!"

PLEASE FORWARD this Video to any sick people that you
know. I can personally vouch for Torben's ministry. Here is the
link to this video called "I WILL PRAY FOR YOU"-


Special blessings to all.

-Andrew Strom,