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Date: Fri, 19 Jul 2013 23:57:07 +1200
ANDREW STROM:  I believe the word "Reformation" has been
hijacked by modern groups such as the NAR - similar to the way
the word 'Revival' has been misused and abused in modern times.
This is very sad, because if it is one thing the church desperately
needs today, it is a total and true 'Reformation' back to the ways
of the early church. Below, my friend Torben Sondergaard has
some very interesting things to say on this vital topic-

-extracts by Torben Sondergaard

The first reformation took place in the seventeenth century when
Martin Luther opposed the Catholic Church and its teaching. He
revived the very essence of the Gospel, namely justification by
faith alone. You can say that this reformation concerned theology.

The second reformation took place in the nineteenth century around
the time of the ministry of the Wesley brothers' activities. In this
reformation personal intimacy with Christ was rediscovered.
However, once again the structure itself; the framework of the
church and the service did not change very much. It was, again,
like putting a new patch on old clothes.

If you look back throughout history, you will see that none of the
revivals of the past have seriously done anything about the church
structure. What we really need is a new and radical reformation.
The third reformation is not just about small changes here and there.
No, it is a reformation that goes so deep that it requires a complete
new start.

I know God wants something new to happen. I also know that this
reformation is necessary. Yet despite the fact that I am so
absolutely convinced about the things I am writing, I am still writing
it with great fear and trembling because I know this is not going to
be easily accepted.

Today we are all glad for the reformation Martin Luther introduced.
We forget, however, about many things. We forget that it created
a big opposition as a result of which Luther`s books were burned
and he was accused of having been sent by the devil to wage war
with God´s church. We forget that it led to violent fights in which
thousands of men, women and children were killed. We forget that
the church of that time did not want the reformation and they did
everything to fight it. You might be thinking now: Yes, but that
was the Catholic Church. Today another church denomination
will try to fight what God wants. Why do we think that it is going
to be different today?

I am not saying that we are going to see thousands killed, but
why should we think that everything will go smoothly - without
divisions and without being accused of working against God and
trying to destroy the church? The truth is we need to see this
reformation and it is not going to go smoothly! We are going to be
accused of destroying the church. We are going to be accused
of having been deceived and of being dangerous.

Why did the church turn against Martin Luther? Was it because
his words were opposed to the Word of God? No, that was not
the reason. For the church it was not a matter of what the Bible
said, but of something completely different. Martin Luther´s
teaching opposed a system based on finances, power and control.
We can say that this is also relevant today. People will oppose
it nowadays as well, not because it is unbiblical, but because it
will destroy the system they have helped to build. Finances, power
and control still matter a lot to the church today.

This is not because pastors do not want to serve God and do not
want to do the right thing. It is mostly due to the fact that they
either cannot see it or that they have much to lose, which makes
it hard for them to go in this direction. When they see others
abandoning their system, they will fight it because that is how
they lose their members - and together with them, the money that
keeps the system running.

Jesus is zealous for God´s church on earth. Do we have the same
zeal today? Jesus said there would be a price to pay if we followed
Him. Are we willing to pay that price? It will cause division and
some Christians will fight it because it seems to be something
that will destroy the church. I can honestly say on my behalf that
I have absolutely no intent of destroying God´s church. I love the
church and therefore I want to rescue it. I love God´s people and
I love God - and that is why I do what I do. The only difference is
that my view of what God´s church is, is different from that of
many other people.

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