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Date: Thu, 05 Sep 2013 21:13:58 +1200

"There is nothing little in God."
-C.H. Spurgeon

"I love to live on the brink of eternity."
-David Brainerd

"Is prayer your steering wheel or your spare tire?" 
-Corrie Ten Boom

"The best and sweetest flowers of Paradise God gives to his 
people when they are upon their knees. Prayer is the gate of 
heaven, a key to let us in to Paradise." - Thomas Brooks

"The only way to avoid cannon-shot is to fall down. No such way 
to be freed from temptation as to keep low." - Thomas Brooks

"I said: "My darling I'm memorizing Acts Chapter 5, Ananias and 
Sapphira" and she said: "What about that", I said: "Yes, they kept 
back part of the price, and you remember what happened. God
struck them and they were dead." She said: "What do you think" 
and I said: "Jannes(?) if we were living in Acts chapter 5 today, 
there will be very few christians who will be alive" I'm afraid of the 
presence of God."
-Gerhard DuToit.