[anzac] DENYING THIS KEY TRUTH - The One Huge Lie

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Date: Thu, 17 Oct 2013 21:59:46 +1300
ANDREW's NOTE:  I so agree with the major point made by John 
Anderson below. Would appreciate your comments, my friends.

by John Anderson

Lee Grady's article is tremendous. However, the four flaws he 
mentions are not the beginning of the problem; they are rooted in 
a flawed message which is in turn rooted in a flawed, distorted 
view of the holy God. 

Distortion of God's character was the essence of the temptations 
in the Garden of  Eden, as with deadly subtlety the enemy of God 
lured Eve toward sin by stripping God first of His Integrity --- by 
casting doubt on His truthfulness: "Has God said that you should 
not eat..."; and then stripping Him of His Justice --- by denying the 
truth that God would judge: "You shall not surely die..." 

Beginning with God's warning to Adam and Eve that if they ate of 
the forbidden fruit they would die, the stern but vital truth in Scripture 
is that the God of Justice says every evildoer is under His wrath 
(John 3:36);  and unless he or she repents and receives forgiveness 
and cleansing made possible through His Son's shed blood on the 
Cross, they face eternal damnation in hell.

Today's visible church  has made an art form of dodging the 
inconvenient Scriptural truth that God clearly says the wicked are 
under His wrath, preferring to market God in more appealing ways 
by ignoring or downplaying His judgment. So we've happily replaced 
the true gospel with all kinds of seeker friendly pseudo-gospels 
focused on prosperity, success, self-image, motivation and how 
to have a good sex life. All this revealing of course that today's
visible church, like Eve, has been seduced to buy into Satan's 
distortion of God's character.

The point here is that the consequence of the distorted view of 
God and His message so popularized today is that it produces 
a professed, likely self-deceived preacher whose ministry is not 
marked by brokenness, humility, and servanthood; but is marked 
by the frauds of ministry Lee Grady cited:  charlatanism, entitlement,
arrogance (this should head the list), and professionalism.   

The true minister of God is marked by brokenness before the Lord, 
humility and a servant's heart whose desire is to please the Lord 
and proclaim His Word. Such ministers do not play to celebrity, 
nor need strobe lights, fog machines, armor-bearers, special 
treatment, rock bands and other evidences of today's god who  
doesn't judge.

Thank you Lee Grady. As you said:  "Let's become leaders who 
act like Jesus."

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