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Date: Fri, 21 Mar 2014 22:23:10 +1300

"The devil's war is better then the devil's peace."
-Samuel Rutherford

"The devil is a better theologian than any of us and is a devil
still." - A. W. Tozer

"A man who is intimate with God will never be intimidated by men."
- Leonard Ravenhill

"That, which begins not with prayer, seldom winds up with comfort."
- John Flavel

"Christ was in an agony at prayer (Luke 22: 44). Many when they
pray are rather in a lethargy, than in an agony. When they are
about the world they are all fire; when they are at prayer, they are
all Ice." - Thomas Watson

"How little chance the Holy Ghost has nowadays. The churches
and missionary societies have so bound Him in red tape that they
practically ask Him to sit in a corner while they do the work
themselves." - C.T. Studd