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From: "REVIVAL List" <prophetic@...>
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2014 09:56:09 +1300
by Jim Cymbala

If you study any of the great revivals of the past, you will always
find men and women who longed to see the status quo changed-
in themselves and in their churches. They called on God with
insistence, and prayer begets revival, which begets more prayer.
It is like Psalm 80, where the psalmist Asaph bemoans the sad
state of his time: the broken walls, the rampaging animals, the
burnt vineyards. Then in verse 18 he pleads, "Revive us, and we
will call on your name."

The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of prayer. Only when we are full of
the Spirit do we feel the need for God everywhere we turn. We
can be driving a car, and spontaneously our spirit starts going
up to God with needs and petitions and intercessions right
there in the middle of traffic.

If our churches don´t pray, and if people don´t have an appetite for
God, what does it matter how many are attending the services in
our church? How would that impress God? Just imagine the angels
saying, "Oh, your pews! We can´t believe how beautiful they are!"...

If we don´t want to experience God´s closeness here on earth,
why would we want to go to heaven anyway? He is the center of
everything there. If we do not enjoy being in His presence here
and now, then heaven would not be heaven for us. Why would
He send anyone there who does not long for Him passionately
here on earth?

I am not suggesting that we are justified by works of prayer or
any other acts of devotion. I am not a legalist. But let us not
dodge the issue of what heaven will be like: enjoying the presence
of God, taking time to love Him, listening to Him and giving Him praise.