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From: "ANZAC Prophetic List" <prophetic@...>
Date: Mon, 28 Jun 2004 12:14:54 -0500
A PRAYER "Window"
-Andrew Strom.

This is NOT a call to pray for our 'Gathering' this weekend (-though
of course we deeply value your prayers).  This is a call to 'gather'
over the INTERNET in prayer this week - to pray for an outpouring 
of the Holy Spirit RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE.

Many are too far away to gather with us physically in Missouri. But 
that does not stop us joining together in prayer in the lead-up to it. 
And because there is a lot of prayer happening, I believe it is a 
great opportunity to see "breakthroughs" occur for many people. 
There is a 'window' of prayer for the next five days where we can 
all join together to pray for God to move.

If you have never 'wrestled' or "agonized" before God in prayer for
His outpouring, then perhaps this is the time. Many others will be
praying, and we can support one another.

If you feel led to do so, pray for your OWN "Reviving" - for God to 
'OUTPOUR' His Holy Spirit upon yourself and those around you. 
Don't be shy to pray for YOURSELF during this time! (-This is 
often the beginning point for 'personal Revival').

We have 5 days until this outdoor conference in Blue Springs.
The 'window' is there if you want to be part of it. If you are able to
set aside time - or even if you just simply pray in tongues while 
going about your work - then you are connected to others who are 
all praying too. 

I believe God can do great things when His people join together
in prayer like this.

I just want to pray right now in this email for everyone who will 
'gather' over the Internet to pray with us this week:

"Father God, I pray for every one of the people who is reading
this and who commits themselves to special prayer this week. 
I pray for a true outpouring of your SPIRIT OF PRAYER upon 
each one, Father. I pray for a great 'OUTPOURING' of your Holy 
Spirit upon each one. Flood us with your love, flood us with your 
glory, flood us with your faith and your boldness to speak your 
word in this hour. Bring Revival to America, bring Revival to the 
Western nations, Father. We are so bereft of your presence. 
Oh God, as we humble ourselves before you, outpour your mercy 
and heal our lands. We plead with you God, in Jesus's mighty 
name. AMEN."

I pray that each of you has a wonderful 5 days of prayer with us
this week, my friends. If you feel led to pray for the 'Gathering', 
we certainly appreciate it. But may this truly be a time of 
BREAKTHROUGH for all of us - wherever we are. 

God bless you!

Kindest regards in Christ,

Andrew Strom.