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Date: Fri, 30 May 2014 22:03:50 +1200

"The Bible was written in tears, and to tears it yields its best
- A.W. Tozer

"All we need is need." - John Gertsner

"The great misconception in our day is this: that God isn´t concerned
to protect His own integrity. He´s a kind of wishy-washy deity, who
just waves a wand of forgiveness over everybody. No. For God to
forgive you is a very costly matter."
-R.C. Sproul

"The best prayers have often more groans than words." - John Bunyan

"Have you noticed how much praying for revival has been going on of
late - and how little revival has resulted? I believe the problem is
that we have been trying to substitute praying for obeying, and it
simply will not work. To pray for revival while ignoring the plain
precept laid down in Scripture is to waste a lot of words and get
nothing for our trouble. Prayer will become effective when we stop
using it as a substitute for obedience." - A.W. Tozer