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Date: Wed, 04 Jun 2014 23:43:50 +1200
by A. Strom

I tend to get a lot of criticism when I talk about the feature film we
are making. Some think it is not a very "preacher-ish" thing to do.
Shouldn't I be off "spreading the word" instead of participating in
such a thing?

But it is precisely the call to 'spread the message' that compels 
me to make this film - and to make it as widely accessible as
possible. Millions of people today - including many Christians - 
no longer read books or articles. They are not interested in
'preaching'. They do not even watch documentaries. But they 
might just watch a feature film. Are we not called to reach these
ones too? -Especially with an urgent warning about the very 
times we are living in? (And believe me, 'warning' is at the very
heart of this film).

The difficult thing is to incorporate such a hard-hitting message 
without making the whole thing "cheesy" or religiously overbearing.

So what is this movie about? Well, the basic theme is that our 
civilization really is coming to an end - and the causes are
SPIRITUAL. It is a film that tries to express God's point of view
as to why our culture is in such a death-spiral - but with a storyline 
that will hopefully keep people watching right to the end. The
"message" in this movie is not subtle or 'hidden'. I am not interested
in making a film like that. It is very clear. But at the same time it 
tries to avoid religious cliches. There are a lot of special effects 
and things in the film - and I am not at all ashamed of employing 
them. Hopefully we will get more people watching that way - 
which is the whole idea. 

We live today in a very "visual" culture. We have the choice of 
either abandoning these people to their dreamworld - or trying to 
engage them in a language that they truly understand. Too often 
we Christians are such "purists" that we will not even try to reach 
such ones. But if we're called to issue a "warning", shouldn't we 
do it in a way that they will actually hear?

I have had it on my heart for years to one day make a feature film. 
I know I will receive criticism for this "un-preacherly" project, but 
I cannot apologize for it. I hope you can understand my heart in 
this, my friends. I welcome your thoughts and comments.

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God bless you all.