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Date: Wed, 07 Jul 2004 12:15:00 -0500
REPORT on 'THE GATHERING' in Blue Springs.
-Andrew Strom.

We spent a wonderful Independence weekend with saints gathered 
from Ohio, Florida, Michigan, New Mexico, North Carolina, Texas,
Alabama, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Nabraska and all kinds of 
places - including a man from New Zealand! The weather was
generally very good (-many people were praying!) though we had a
few worrying moments on Saturday morning. 

Despite the fact that there were so many groups of people from
different states, this was not a "massive" crowd. We were able to 
get to know quite a number and fellowship together. The great 
thing was that it brought a REALITY to the concept of 'Outdoor 
church'. This is something that becomes so much more logical 
and "obvious" when you actually see it happening. One local youth 
leader told me that it had really crystalized a lot of thinking that he 
had been doing about all the issues we have discussed lately. He 
said that it is one thing to TALK about these things - it is another 
to actually SEE an 'alternative way' demonstrated before your eyes. 
It makes you think in a whole different way.

We had communion together in the park, which was wonderful, and 
during that period we had an 'open mic' time where quite a number 
of people shared insights that God had given them on various topics. 
I always love these times of sharing.


I truly believe we are all in the middle of a "change of season"
where many that have been hidden are about to come into
the open, and many who have been in the 'wilderness' for years
are being brought to a "crossing of the Jordan". It is a time of 
transition into a 'new phase' or a new thing. I really sensed this 
strongly over the weekend amongst the people there. They were 
from every kind of background, but I could see this similarity
amongst them. -We are all facing this challenge together. Bryan
Hupperts spoke over the weekend from the verse, "Who is this
coming up from the wilderness, leaning on her beloved?" -A
Scripture that very obviously points to this transition occurring.

There were a number of messages over the weekend that I feel
many on this List would be interested in hearing. I plan to put out
two CD's crammed with approx 160 mins of audio from this
conference - including Bryan's message on 'The Wilderness',
my own message on 'The Elijah's of God' and our African brother
Lawrence Banda's fiery preaching on the 'John the Baptists' - which 
we all found inspiring.

As always, these CD's will be available simply for 'postage money'
or "any donation". I will let you know further details next week.

For us personally, we are going to continue 'OUTDOOR CHURCH' 
at the same park every Sunday afternoon. There are a number of 
people from all kinds of backgrounds who are excited about what
God wants to do. If anyone wants to join us, we will be at 'Railroad 
Park' in Blue Springs (MO) each Sunday afternoon at 12:30pm.

Thus, we are in 'transition' into something new ourselves!

Thankyou so much for all your prayers, my friends. It was a 
wonderful weekend.

God bless you all!

Kindest regards in Christ,

Andrew Strom.