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From: "REVIVAL List" <prophetic@...>
Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2014 22:34:03 +1200
NOTE:  A month before the US invasion of Iraq, Bryan Hupperts
from the USA released the following prophetic word, for which he
was mocked and heavily criticized - especially by Christians. We
published it at that time under the following heading-


"To the President Of The United States"
-Bryan Hupperts  (Feb 3, 2003).

Dear Mr. President,
Nothing manmade has ever fallen such great heights, as did the
shattered remains of the Space Shuttle Columbia. In an instant,
7 explorers lost their lives in yet another American tragedy. Tears
are the deepest expression of prayer because sometimes there
are simply no words to express the grief... Have you considered
that the repeating tragedies that keep striking the USA are also
warnings of a great storm to come?

Mr. President, I ask you to weigh my words carefully. No
rational person disputes that Saddam Hussein is the bad guy.
Even Muslim leaders will quietly acknowledge that he needs
to be removed from power. Yet I fear our insurgence into Iraq
will end in the greatest of all American tragedies. Sir, you are
leading our country into a diabolically laid trap.

Look to the Columbia as a prophetic warning. Other nations
mock you calling you the Imperial President. If you will seek
God for wisdom to avoid this military conflict, they will revere
you instead as the Regal President. Hussein can be
successfully dealt with only if you and your counselors will
humble yourselves and seek God for wisdom. If we invade
Iraq, it will signal to terrorists around the globe that the West
has declared jihad on Islam and it will ignite a Third World War.

The Pharaoh of Egypt survived the coming famine because he
heeded a godly interpretation of his troubled dreams. Look to
his example and consider the fate of the USA. The Columbia,
a perfect picture of the heights that the USA has flown to,
exploded and rained down in fiery debris all over Palestine, TX.
We need not die so young nor so senselessly as a nation...

Mr. President, rightly did you quote Isaiah when you said,
"Lift up your eyes and look to the heavens."  Yet nothing
manmade has ever fallen from such heights, as did the
Columbia. To openly invade Iraq will bring similar
consequences upon our own shores. Sir, do not leave a
Presidential legacy of, "Blood fire and vapor of smoke."
Heed the very public warning. Understand the sign in the
sky. Seek the Lord.  Thank you.  © 2003 Bryan Hupperts.

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