[anzac] SHOULD WE USE the MEDIA??"

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From: "REVIVAL List" <prophetic@...>
Date: Wed, 09 Jul 2014 23:42:15 +1200

by Marilena Fackerell

Our God is a God who says that in the last days we need to go 
to the highways and byways and compel them all to come in. 
What a better way to do it but through media.

You see, we did not believe that TV and media can be effective 
either. Till God spoke to us and revolutionized our lives. He spoke 
to us about the fact that He wants us to proclaim His deeds to 
all people every day (Psalm 145). He said that the watchmen blow 
the trumpet to warn a whole population at once of impending
danger and that's what TV does, reaches people all at once, faster 
than one on one. The trumpet was simply ancient media technology, 
a way to send a message, now we have airwaves, TV and internet. 

He also told us that what we hear in the ear we need to proclaim 
from rooftops. In jewish times the roof tops were the way to make
announcements. He is saying make a public announcement, 
broadcast what I am telling you secretly in the ear. Proclaim 
what I am teaching you to the  masses. 

Media and TV is simply a bigger microphone that reaches more 
people than just a few thousands in a church building and it 
reaches behind closed doors to people who might not ever go to 
a church or can't because of sickness. It reaches those who 
would not open the door to you if you went to evangelize them 
but they do turn the TV on. Movies are ways to capture the 
imagination of people and make them live the truth you are trying 
to present. That way the truth comes to life for them and there 
are greater chances it will leave a more lasting impression. 

All the sensory effects of sound, image, music produce greater 
learning than just sound only. Many will stop for a movie but would 
switch the channel if they saw a preacher. God is not bound by 
just one method in how He works, just look at His creation and 
you will see He is very creative, He will not limit Himself to only 
one way of doing things so why should we limit Him?

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