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"One man with God is always in the majority."
- John Knox

"If the doctrine of Christian union is true, then division and
sectarianism are a great and prodigious evil, and therefore ought to
be abolished. Who then will lay the axe to the root of this corrupt
tree to help cut it down?"
-D.S. Warner

"Only fix even the smallest amount you purpose to give of your income,
and give this regularly; and as God is pleased to increase your light
and grace, and is pleased to prosper you more, so give more. If you
neglect in habitual giving, a regular giving, a giving principle based
upon Scriptural grounds, and leave it only to feeling and impulse, or
particular arousing circumstances, you will certainly be a loser."
-George Mueller

The rod is an ordinance, as well as the word; and such parents
who use it as an ordinance-praying and weeping over it-shall
find it effectual for the chasing away of evil out of their children's
heart. Eli and David were two very choice men, and yet, by
their fondness on one hand, and neglect of this ordinance
on the other hand, they ruined their sons..."
- Thomas Brooks

"To be where God is quietly talked about seems a lovely thing. But to
be where God really grips us is a risky matter. As long as a Living
God is about and given any chance at all, it will be found dangerous
to be in His presence. Dangerous, that is, to everything that is more
to our liking than it is to His. Church going should be dangerous to
our self-esteem and self-satisfaction."
- Dr. Paul S. Rees