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Date: Fri, 26 Sep 2014 22:50:30 +1200

"A man who loves you the most is the man who tells you the most
truth about yourself."
-Robert Murray M'Cheyne

"He that rides to be crowned, will not think much of a rainy day."
-John Trapp

"You don't need to know the word of God;
you need to know the God of the word."
- Leonard Ravenhill

"Conversion is not a repairing of the old building; but it takes all
down, and erects a new structure. It is not the sewing on a patch of
holiness; but with the true convert, holiness is woven into all his
powers, principles and practice."
-Joseph Alleine

"Beware, I pray thee, of presuming that thou art saved. If thy heart
be renewed, if thou shalt hate the things that thou didst once love,
and love the things that thou didst once hate; if thou hast really
repented; if there be a thorough change of mind in thee; if thou be
born again, then hast thou reason to rejoice: but if there be no vital
change, no inward godliness; if there be no love to God, no prayer, no
work of the Holy Spirit, then thy saying "I am saved" is but thine
own assertion, and it may delude, but it will not deliver thee."
-Charles Spurgeon