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"If the doctrine of Christian union is true, then division and
sectarianism are a great and prodigious evil"
-D.S. Warner

"There seems to be a notion abroad that if we talk enough and pray
enough, revival will set in like a stock market boom or a winning
streak on a baseball club. We appear to be waiting for some sweet
chariot to swing low and carry us into the Big Rock Candy Mountain of
religious experience... a kind of benign miracle, a feverish
renaissance of religious activity that will come upon us, leaving us
morally as we are now, except that we will be a lot happier and there
will be a great many more of us...."
- A. W. Tozer

"We all profess that we are bound for heaven, immortality, and glory:
but is it any evidence that we really design it if all our thoughts
are consumed about the trifles of this world, which we must leave
behind us, and have only occasional thoughts of things above?"
-John Owen

True prayer MUST be aflame."
-- E. M. Bounds

"Prayer is not so much an act as it is an attitude-an attitude of
dependency, dependency upon God."
-Arthur W. Pink

"Fix even the smallest amount you purpose to give of your income,
and give this regularly... If you neglect in habitual giving, a regular
giving, a giving principle based upon Scriptural grounds, and leave
it only to feeling and impulse, or particular arousing circumstances,
you will certainly be a loser."
-George Mueller