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Date: Sat, 14 Feb 2015 00:27:14 +1300

"All prayer is hidden. It is behind a closed door. The best spade 
diggers go down into deep ditches out of sight. There are numbers 
of surface workers, but few who in selfobliteration toil alone with God."
-Seth Joshua

"A church in the land without the Spirit is rather a curse than a 
blessing. If you have not the Spirit of God, Christian worker, 
remember that you stand in somebody else's way; you are a 
fruitless tree standing where a fruitful tree might grow." 
-C. H. Spurgeon

"In the evening I was favored with great faith and fervency in prayer. 
It seemed as if God would deny me nothing, and I wrestled for 
multitudes of souls, and could not help hoping there would be 
revival here." 
-Edward Payson

"As I was walking in the fields, the thought came over me with 
almost overwhelming power, that every one of my flock must soon 
be in heaven or hell. Oh how I wished that I had a tongue like 
thunder, that I might make all hear; or that I had a frame like iron, 
that I might visit every one and say, 'Escape for thy life! Ah sinner! 
You little know how I fear that you will lay the blame of your 
damnation at my door." 
-Robert Murray M'Cheyne

"I had an overwhelming experience of the Lord's presence. I felt so 
powerfully overcome by the nearness of the Holy Spirit that I had 
to ask the Lord to draw back lest He kill me. It was so glorious 
that I couldn't stand more than a small portion of it." 
-Mordecai Ham