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Date: Fri, 20 Mar 2015 20:24:25 +1300

"I read of the revivals of the past, great sweeping revivals where 
thousands of men were swept into the Kingdom of God. I read 
about Charles G. Finney winning his thousands and his hundreds 
of thousands of souls to Christ. Then I picked up a book and read 
the messages of Charles G. Finney and the message of Jonathan 
Edwards on 'Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God,' and I said, 
'No wonder men trembled; no wonder they fell in the altars and 
cried out in repentance and sobbed their way to the throne of grace!'"
 -Leonard Ravenhill

"Revival is not the discovery of some new truth. It's the rediscovery 
of the grand old truth of God's power in and through the Cross."
 -Sammy Tippit

"If revival is being withheld from us it is because some idol 
remains still enthroned; because we still insist in placing our 
reliance in human schemes; because we still refuse to face the 
unchangeable truth that, 'It is not by might, but by My Spirit.'"
 - Jonathan Goforth

"We cannot organize revival, but we can set our sails to catch 
the wind from Heaven when God chooses to blow upon His 
people once again."
-G. Campbell Morgan

"Revival is ultimately Christ Himself, seen, felt, heard, living, active,
moving in and through His body on earth."
 -Stephen Olford

"A revival does two things. First, it returns the Church from her 
backsliding and second, it causes the conversion of men and women; 
and it always includes the conviction of sin on the part of the Church."
-Billy Sunday