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Date: Fri, 10 Apr 2015 20:50:59 +1200

"Are you truly a Spiritfilled Christian? Does the term Spiritfilled 
describe your doctrine or your devotion?" 
-David Smithers

"Lord grant that the FIRE of my heart may melt the lead in my feet." 

"A minister, who prays not, who is not in love with prayer, is not a 
minister of the Church of God. He is a dry tree, which occupies in 
vain a place in Christ's garden. He is an enemy, and not a father, 
of the people. He is a stranger, who has taken the place of the
shepherd, and to whom the salvation of the flock is an indifferent 
thing." - Thomas Coke

"The Azusa revival began where every revival should rightly begin -
in repentant tears. It began in tears, it lived in tears, and when 
the tears ended the Azusa revival ended." 
-A. G. Osterberg

"When HOLINESS loses its sweetness it is a fierce thing to 
come in contact with." 
-Frank Bartleman.