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Date: Fri, 08 May 2015 00:15:48 +1200
by Zac Poonen

We read in Daniel 11:32, that those who are influenced by the 
spirit of the antichrist will use smooth words (flattery) to draw 
people to themselves. The one unmistakable characteristic of 
every false prophet in history has been flattery. And the one 
unmistakable characteristic of every true prophet has been rebuke. 

False prophets flatter people in order to win them to their group, 
or to build their own kingdoms, or to get honour, or to get money, 
etc., Many of these false prophets correspond faithfully with 
people, in order to retain their personal hold over them. Their 
letters will not however contain words of rebuke and correction 
(as in the letters of the Lord and of the apostles - as we read in 
Revelation 2 and 3 and in the epistles). Instead, they will only 
contain words of flattering commendation. 

Smooth words will only defile your heart with pride and self-
satisfaction. Words of rebuke on the other hand will cleanse your 
heart and make it pure. Jesus said "Those whom I love, I reprove 
and I discipline" (Rev.3:19). Rebuke is one mark of Divine love. 

When God sends a prophet into our midst, to rebuke us, that is 
a proof of the fact that God loves us. When God forsakes a church, 
it will "no longer have a prophet in its midst" (Psa.74:1,9) to rebuke 
it. Instead, it will have preachers who preach smooth words (2 Tim.
4:3,4). That is a sad condition for any of God's people to be in. 

In Revelation 2 and 3, we see that even though five of the seven 
churches there were in a bad shape, yet the Lord had not forsaken 
them as yet. The proof of this is seen in the fact that He sent a 
prophet (John the apostle) to rebuke and correct them through his letters. 

John had strong words even for the elders - words such as, "You 
have left your first love....You are spiritually dead....You are 
wretched and poor and blind and naked". If those elders and those 
churches did not respond to those words of rebuke, and repent, 
they would be forsaken. 

Once the Lord "takes away the lampstand" (Rev.2:5), He will not 
send His prophets to rebuke that church any more. The false 
prophets will then take over, and smooth words will be heard 
regularly at the meetings, Sunday after Sunday!! This has 
happened in church after church, in generation after generation, 
throughout these twenty centuries. And it is happening all around us today. 

It is at such a time, that there is a great need for those "who know 
God, who are strong, and who will do great things for Him" (v.32). 
Because they know God, they will fear no man...