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Date: Fri, 05 Jun 2015 21:03:57 +1200
by David Wilkerson

In 1986 I walked through Times Square in New York City, weeping 
and mourning because of all the sin. I went back to my home in 
Texas, and for more than a year I wept and mourned. Then God 
said, "Go and do something about all the ruin."

I had come and seen the destruction, but I was not fully broken 
until I was moved with hope to begin to rebuild the wall! 

Have you been "viewing the ruin" in your own life? Like David, have 
you sinned and brought reproach on His name? Is there a breach 
in your wall, something that is not repaired? Beloved, it is good to 
fall on the Rock (Jesus) and be shattered-to be broken into little 
pieces. When you see Christ in all His glory, the sight of Him will 
indeed shatter you. Even the good things in you-the talent, the 
efficiency, all your abilities-will be shattered when you stand before 
Him, helpless and drained!

Daniel said, "There remained no strength in me: for my comeliness 
(strength) was turned in me into corruption (ruin), and I retained no 
strength" (Daniel 10:8). Brokenness is the total shattering of all 
human strength and ability. It is recognizing the full reality of sin 
and the reproach it brings on Christ's name!

However, brokenness is also recognizing this: "Stand upright: for 
unto thee am I now sent" (Daniel 10:11). It is the absolute assurance 
that things are going to change-that healing and rebuilding are going 
to come. Your ruins are going to be reclaimed for God!

It is a holy faith that says, "God is at work in me! Satan cannot 
hold me. I am not going to deteriorate or fall. My sin has grieved 
me, but I have repented. Now it's time to rise and rebuild!" 

Until you take hold of that hope, zeal and determination, you will 
not get past your tears. Your life may still appear to be a rubble 
heap, with mounds of dirt and broken-down places that need repair. 
But remember that you have His sword and tools in hand. And 
above you there is a big sign, posted by the Lord's own hand, that 
reads: GOD IS AT WORK!



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