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Date: Thu, 11 Jun 2015 21:09:01 +1200
by Connie Giordano

"There is a time for the preachers of the gospel to show  as much
of the boldness of the lion as of the  wisdom of the serpent and
the harmlessness of the dove. When the adversaries of Christ's
cause begin to be daring, it is  not for its advocates to be timid.
While there is any hope of working upon those that oppose
themselves they must be instructed with meekness, but, when
that method  has long been tried in vain, we must wax bold, and
tell them what will be the issue of their opposition. The impudence
of the enemies of the  gospel, instead of frightening should rather
embolden its friends; for they are sure that they have a good cause,
and they know in whom they have trusted to bear them out."
-Matthew Henry.

Acts 4:13 says  - "Now  when they saw the boldness of Peter
and John..."
Acts 4:29 says  - "And  now, Lord, behold their threatenings:
and grant unto Thy servants, that with all boldness they may
speak Thy  word."
Acts 4:31 says -  "...and  they were all filled with the Holy Ghost,
and they spake the word of God with boldness."
Acts 9:27 says -  "...how  he had seen the Lord in the way...
and how he had preached boldly..."
Acts 9:29 says -  "And he spake boldly in the name of the Lord
2 Corinthians 3:12 says  - "Seeing  then that we have such hope,
we use great plainness of speech."
Philippians 1:20 says  -  "...that in nothing I shall be ashamed,
but that with all boldness...so now also Christ shall be magnified
in my body..."

What the Church needs more than ever is boldness - boldness
to speak "as they ought to speak" (Ephesians  6:20).

What  we - as individual believers - need is the  boldness that -
...is evident to all
...is given by the Lord in answer to earnest  prayer
...comes as a result of being filled with the  Holy Spirit
...results from having a revelation of Jesus  in one's life
...causes us to use "great  plainness of speech"
...and brings honor to Christ.

We  must not allow anything to stand in our way of  speaking
the Truth for God. The sinner is bolder than ever in his blatant
sin - and getting bolder every minute. The Church  cannot and
must not cower or hide. We must not allow any form of criticism
or confrontation to stop us. Instead,  we should allow the Holy
Spirit to turn it all into more fuel for our fiery zeal.

Matthew Henry said it in this way - "Suffering in a good cause
should rather sharpen than blunt the edge of holy resolution."

Oh  Saints of God! It's time like never before to sharpen the
edge of our sword! Let's be determined to speak the truth and
stand for righteousness against the floodgates of Hell -  no
matter who likes it or is offended!..

© COPYRIGHT Connie Giordano - All Rights Reserved.