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-by Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj  (-prophet from India).
Delivered to the church in St. Louis, June 2002.

America is good.  A good nation, a giving nation, a helpful nation.
And at the same time, a prideful, arrogant nation.  She thinks that
she has become great by the power and strength of her own might.
She has forgotten that it is the Lord God that has lifted you up,
blessed you, made you strong and mighty, but you have forgotten
your creator.

Look at the Book of Revelation, chapter two and three, the seven
messages to the seven churches that were existing at the time.
None of them, except the church in Smyrna, received a (good) word
from the Lord Jesus Christ.  The rest of the six churches were
receiving conditional judgment. If they repented, it would be well and
good.  If not, the Lord said (to one particular church), "I will remove
your candlestick and you will be destroyed."

I was once preaching in a charismatic church in Singapore.  The
pastor invited me to his house for Christmas Day dinner.  Together
with me were his two church elders.  After dinner, before I left, he
said, please bless our family before you leave.  I stood to pray for
his family.  And the Lord Jesus Christ came and stood beside me
and said, "For three years, I have been coming to his church and
looking for fruits, and none are bearing.  Right now, I am going to
cut this tree."  Then I fell on my knees, and I interceded for the
church. For twenty-five minutes, I cried to the Lord. "No Lord, please
don't. Please don't. Spare them Lord for one more year.  The Lord
Jesus heard my prayer and He said, "Because you asked, I will
spare them for one more year."  After the prayer, I called the pastor
privately and I told him this word (from the Lord).  And I totally forgot
about this entire event.  But, 365 days later, exactly to the day, the
Lord Jesus Christ appeared to me and He said, "The one year is up."
I totally forgot about it.  He came and reminded me. "The one year is
up.  And during that one year, she did not bear any fruit.  NOW, the
reapers will go and will cut the tree." From the moment the Lord
Jesus spoke that word, I saw the tree of this church withering day
by day, by day.  Today, it does not exist.  Even the pastor is no
more the pastor of the church.  The church totally closed up.  This
is just one example that I have told you.  I could tell you examples
of many other churches where the Lord came and removed the
candlestick from the other churches.

(Another) church with whom I had a very close affiliation, it's like I
was a mother giving birth to the church (I gave birth to the church).
But the very mother who gave birth to the church, -the very mother-,
had to use a dagger to stab her, like Abraham did.  One day when
I was in their church, the Lord Jesus appeared to me and He said,
"I am going to remove their candlestick."  When I told this to the
pastor, he laughed at me.  He said, "Brother, we are in the New
Testament. We are under grace.  How would God ever do like
(what you have just said)?"  I looked at him and I said, "If I am a
true prophet of God, and if that word truly came from God, it will
come to pass."  And I shook off the dust off my feet that day, and
I never went back to that church again.  But one year later, the
candlestick was removed from the church.  And that church is no
more in existence.

My dear brothers and sisters, donĂ¢'t take your salvation for granted.
Don't take your freedom for granted.  Don't take the mercy of God
for granted.  Don't take the redemptive grace of God for granted.
Several years ago, I was preaching at a conference in Sydney,
Australia.  You know the city of Sydney is exactly like the city of
San Francisco.  The very sins in San Francisco are the very sins
in Sydney.  The very sins that you see in New York City are the
very sins in Perth.  Two identical cities, on the east and west coast
in your nation are the same (in these spiritual respects) cities in
Australia, east and west coast.  They are always gateway cities.
While I was there, one evening an awesome angel came and stood
before me.  I am usually never fearful in the midst of angels, except
when I started seeing the chief princes of nations.  But that particular
angel, when he stood before me, I trembled and quaked like a leaf.
And he had like a bowl in his hand.  And he looked at me with a
fierce look in his eyes, and he said, "I am one of the two angels that
was sent out to spy Sodom and Gomorrah.  And I have been sent
here to spy out the city and pour this vial of judgment upon the city."
Only then I understood why I was trembling.  With fear, I fell on my
face before God.  I prayed and prayed for the city of Sydney.  I said,
"Lord, not now.  There is still three more days for the conference,
Lord.  I will gather all the Christians to repent for Sydney, to pray for
this nation."  For a long time I was lying on my face.  Finally, the
countenance on the angel's face changed. He became calmer, and
he said, "I am leaving now for a season."  And he left.  That night I
went to the conference.  Seven hundred people had come, and
I shared with them what I saw.  All the 700 people fell down on their
faces before God.  For forty-five minutes -- there was no message
that evening -- for forty-five minutes, they were all crying, beating
their faces, beating their breasts, and beating the floors.  The whole
auditorium was reverberating and echoing with their tears and with
their cries.  Everyone from the oldest to the youngest were on their
faces before God.  My dear brothers and sisters, I tell you one more
truth today.  As the chief prince angel of the United States of
America stood before me, he said, Like the angels that went out to
spy out Sodom and Gomorrah, a host of angels are walking the
length and breadth of your country, spying out the land in a similar
manner to how the two angels did (at Sodom)."  I tell you, when the
white missionaries go to the East and to Africa to preach, we hear
the gospel.  We turn away from our millions of gods of wood and
stone, and we turn back to worship the true and living God.  But
the gods we give up, you are now embracing, and you are bowing
down and worshiping them.  So who is the greater heathen, tell me?
The nations in the East?  No way!  Because we are turning back to
the righteous God.  And the supposedly Christian nation is becoming
a heathen nation where you have all kinds of abomination. You know,
none of the Muslim nations in the Middle East will allow (except for
Bahrain, Kuwait and United Arab Emirates, except for these three
countries) -- the rest of the countries would never allow a Christian
church in their nation.  The largest Muslim mosque outside the
Middle East is in the United Kingdom.  In fact, the headquarters for
their European operation and American operation is in the  United
Kingdom, a supposedly Christian nation.  And the churches in the
U.K. open their doors to allow the Muslims to come in and use their
very premises for the propagation of Islam.  Would they (Muslim
countries) do that?  They will not even allow you (to practice openly
in their country).  They consider Christians infidels.  They will not
even allow us into their churches.  They will not allow us to build
churches in their nations.  Whereas, we, in the name of the First
Amendment, -- you know, your very freedom has become your
curse.  The very First Amendment that you use to promote 'freedom
of speech' has become your very curse.  That's what the gays are
now using.  The First Amendment.  We (the gays, in this case) have
the right to speak what we want, and you (the church) cannot
disagree with us.  Your freedom, your liberty, has become your
curse. My dear brothers and sisters, unless you weep for your nation,
great judgment is going to come.  Unless rivers of intercession flow
in your nation, unless tears of repentance flow from your eyes, flow
from your churches and water this nation, judgments have been

You know, there is a certain group of angelic beings called the
Watchers.  We only read about them in one book of the Bible.  The
book of Daniel, chapter four, verses 13 and 23. This specific group
of angelic beings are in charge of executing and overseeing the plans
of God and judgments of God over each nation.  At their command,
they can execute judgment.  I was in the nation of Indonesia in 1998,
just after the fall of a dictator that ruled that nation for thirty-two
years.  On the first day that I was in that nation, the chief prince
angel over Indonesia entered into my room, and he said, "Whatever
has happened in this nation has been decreed and ordered by the
watchers in Heaven.  They decreed and they said, let there be a
change."  And overnight, the dictator of thirty-two years was
overthrown. Overnight -- it did not happen over a long period of time.
Overnight, he was overthrown -- decreed by the Watchers.  The
same decree has been passed. However, -- you know, when a
person is sentenced to death, he can have one last final appeal to
the president.  Do you have this in your country?

We have this (law) there.  It is called the "President's pardon".  If
the President chooses to pardon, the person sentenced to die can
(have their sentence reduced) to life in prison.  You (America) are in
that stage (or situation) right now, and your only appeal is to the
Heavenly Father.  The final pardon is in His hands.  If not (if the
church in America does not give enough intercession and weeping),
9/11 was just a sample.  It will be repeated and repeated.

My dear brothers and sisters, God loves you.  If he did not love you,
an angel would not have come to give that word.  Let me tell you
today how God works. If He wants to execute a judgment, He will
just carry it out without informing His prophets.  He would do that.
Why does He tell His prophets? Amos 3:7-8- "God will not do
anything before He tells His prophets."  Why?  So that they will
pray.  God wanted to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah, but why tell
Abraham beforehand?  So that he would intercede and pray for the
salvation of Lot.  He (Lot) was under the same curse. He (God)
could have just destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah.  Why inform
Abraham first?  Even today, God follows this same principle.  Why
is God informing you? So that you can be saved.  So that you will
repent.  So that you will cry out to God.  So that His entire
pronouncement can be overturned, and mercy can come upon your
nation.  You know, it is not so much God's wrath, but the hardness
of your hearts, the hardness and sins in your hearts that must be
changed, and the  nation will turn back from unrighteousness to
righteousness.  You have an awesome call upon your nation.  You
know, the symbol of your nation, a flying eagle, was not chosen by
your forefathers by accident.  An eagle is a Heavenly bird.  It's
supposed to be up there in the heavenlies with God, not down on
the ground like a vulture, eating flesh.  But you, the mighty eagle,
have now become an ugly, flesh-eating vulture.  The church is no
better.  The standards of the world have crept into the church.  Are
you pure?

What is the difference between you and the world?  You are called
to be separate. You are called to be peculiar.  What is so peculiar
about you if your lifestyle is exactly the same as the world?  What
is so peculiar?  Why then should non-believing Americans get saved?
Why? When the church is stinking, why should they get saved?
That is the reason why many are embracing Islam.  They are
embracing Buddhism.  Did you know, let me tell you truth, Buddhism
is the fastest growing religion in North America.  Not Christianity,
which is decreasing in size.  The church in Europe is decreasing in
size.  Islam is the fastest growing religion in Europe.  What's
happening to you?  The church is growing in the East.  The church is
growing in Africa.  But you are shrinking. Why?  Because (your lack
of loyalty or fidelity to the teachings of Christ) stinks.

Tell me now in all honesty.  Do you think that you deserve the grace
of God?  You don't.  Do you honestly believe, as you see your own
condition better than I do, do you honestly think that you deserve the
mercy of God?  No.  Yet, God is good God.  His mercy endures
forever.  (The passage in Scripture states), "The Lord, God is good,
merciful, forgiving, merciful to a thousand generations."  In the many
names of God that are mentioned in Scripture, three times it talks
about His goodness.  Only one time it says that He will judge, which
means His goodness is three times greater than His judgment.  My
dearly beloved American brothers and sisters, the Lord Jesus Christ
loves you very much.  But He cannot accept a corrupted church.
He loves you.  If not, this meeting would not have been held.  He
loves you very much. But He cannot accept a compromising church.
He loves you, but He cannot accept deceiving teachers, and lying
prophets.  But the wheat and tares have been allowed to grow at the
same time.  He has allowed it, patiently waiting, hoping against all
hope that you will repent. Every little judgment that He sends to you,
hoping against all hope that you will repent.  But you are not.  You
know, I fear that your fate will be as exactly what happened to
Jerusalem.  The Lord Jesus said, "Prophets after prophets were sent
to you, Jerusalem. Instead of embracing them, you stoned them to
death.  And (as) the final prophet, I am coming.  You have not known
the hour of your visitation, oh Jerusalem.  And now, therefore, the
hour is coming when you will be sieged all around, and you will be
desolate."  What would you like to choose?  Let's all bow our head
for a word of prayer.  What will you choose?  Will you cause a river
of intercession to flow in your nation?  Will you cause a river of
intercession to flow in your nation?  Or are you going to just sit here
and let this word run down your back like water on a duck's back?
Can God count on you?  Can all the hosts of Heaven count on you
that you will intercede?  That you will weep like Jeremiah? Can He
count on you?  If you are willing, get up from your seats right now,
and fall down on your face before God.  And lift up your heart and cry
for your nation now!  Lift up your hearts and cry for your nation now!
Lift up your heart and cry for your nation.  Oh, America, oh beautiful
America, won't you repent?  Tear you heart!  Tear your heart!  And
cry for your country!  I am not asking you to cry for India!  Cry for
your own nation!  Tear your heart. Cry out to Him for His mercy!  Tell
Him, "We have sinned Lord!  We have sinned, Lord.  We have turned
our backs against you, God!"  Cry out to Him. Cry out to Him now!
Let the rivers of intercession flow now Oh you daughters of
America, let your tears flow now, let your tears flow.

Cast away your good-for-nothing pride!  Cast away your pride.  Your
military might is nothing before God.  Cast away your arrogance.
Cast away your sexual sin!  Cry, cry, takes (America's) sins onto
your shoulders, and cry now.  Let your tears flow like rivers now.
Let your tears flow like rivers. The children in the East are
repenting and turning back to righteousness.  Oh My children in
America, will you be destroyed?  Will you perish, while they who are
sitting in darkness are turning back to righteousness and light?  Oh
ye, that were of light and sitting in the light, why have you embraced
darkness?  Why have you allowed your understanding to be darkened?
Why have your beauties turned into corruption? Cry out to Him.  Cry
out to Him now. The Spirit of Christ is telling me now; the only way
that righteousness can spring up in this nation is if the church will
turn back to righteousness.  And she will weep and sow righteousness
into the land.  Oh you daughters of America, don't just mechanically
pray.  Don't just pray because I asked you to pray.  Tear your heart!
Tear you inner heart!  And turn back to God with weeping, with fasting,
with repentance.  Turn back to God!  (Spirit of grace and spirit of
supplication, come and abide in us!)

[Forty-five minutes or so of weeping and intercession is offered.  Then
Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj returned to offer these additional words]: The
angel over the United States of America is still standing here.  And
he showed me that all your intercession (just offered) is just a drop in
the bucket that he has in his hand.  And the word of the Lord that has
just come to me is this, "If My people who are called by My name will
humble themselves, seek My face and pray, and turn back from their
wicked ways, I will hear their prayers, I will forgive their sins and I will
heal their land."  Lift up your hands to God, America.