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Date: Fri, 09 Oct 2015 10:35:20 +1000
-Andrew Strom

For some time now I have been convinced that this century will
see the collapse of our civilization - whether Jesus returns in that
time or not. Western civilization has taken literally centuries to
build. But by the end of this century I believe it will be in a state
of ruin and collapse that few can imagine.

Recently there were a couple of posts by others on our website
that I thought were pretty insightful in regard to all this. Here they
are below-

Therese wrote:
"Someone I know had a dream of the western hemisphere being
picked up like a paper map by a huge hand and rolled into a ball
in His hand and tossed away... It is His grace that warns and why
would He not, He is not a dumb idol that cannot speak, He is the
Living God. The Spirit of prophesy is the testimony of Jesus...

The difference between our nations that sin and the heathen nations
that sin, is that our nations have professed Christ and are known
around the world as Christian nations... we are blaspheming and
profaning His name before the whole world. It is for the honour of
His name that His longsuffering will have to come to an end if His
warnings have wrought no repentance. Judgment begins with His
house.... and then the world!"

Bill Fowler wrote:
"In the early nineties I saw in my spirit a hand with the fingers
splayed apart. Then the hand slowly began to close, but only a
partially before opening again, only it never opened fully. That
position became the "new normal." Soon, the hand began to close
again and then open again slightly, thus creating another new
normal. This happened several more times until the hand closed
into a fist and no longer opened.

"As I pondered this vision, I believed then as I do now, that the
Lord was warning me that America was going to go through a
series of judgments followed by some level of reprieve. But instead
of repenting, she would adapt and try to move ahead with a
business as usual attitude. Ultimately the country will be brought
to a place of absolute crisis with no remedy, no more options, no
more time to repent.

"Obviously these shakings became most noticeable during and
after 9/11, along with other convulsive judgments since that time,
but we have not reached the absolute crisis point that will inevitably
come sooner rather than later.

"Nevertheless, this is not a time to panic, but to repent, to pray,
to get serious about building up the body of Christ, particularly
the remnant that is paying attention, and to share the gospel
boldly with those who are lost, as well as those who are wandering
from the faith. This would be a depressing message indeed if not
for the hope we have in Jesus, His glory and the life to come. I
experienced some measure of depression for several years
contemplating the magnitude of destruction coming, but I am glad
to say the Lord has shown me the X factor in all this is His glory,
His power, and His grace that will carry those who trust and obey
Him through the greatest storms we will ever face in this life."

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God bless you all.