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Date: Fri, 23 Oct 2015 21:22:46 +1300

"Before the great revival in Gallneukirchen broke out, Martin Boos
spent hours and days and often nights in lonely agonies of
intercession.  Afterwards, when he preached, his words were as
flame, and the hearts of the people as grass."
-- D. M. McIntyre

"Prayer was pre-eminently the business of his life."
--Biographer of Edwin Payson

"All decays begin in the closet; no heart thrives without much
secret converse with God, and nothing will make amends for
the want of it."

"It seemed to me as if he had gone straight into heaven, and lost
himself in God; but often when he had done praying he was as
white as the wall."  --- A friendĀ“s comment after meeting
Tersteegen at Kroneberg.

"If Christ waited to be anointed before He went to preach, no
young man ought to preach until he, too, has been anointed by
the Holy Ghost."
---F. B. Meyer