[anzac] "IT WAS INSTANT!" - Powerful Testimony Today

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Date: Fri, 11 Mar 2016 21:01:14 +1300
"IT WAS INSTANT!" - Powerful Testimony Today

A man just shared this on our website. Here is what happened
when he showed 'The Last Reformation' movie to his young son:

Robert Marquez wrote:

"My wife, 11 year old son and I just watched the movie. When it
was over my 11 year old said he wanted the baptism of the Holy
Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. We laid hands
on him and asked the Holy Spirit to fill him up. As soon as we
laid hands on him he began to sob. My wife and I prayed in
tongues over him and soon my 11 year old son was speaking in
tongues as well. After about ten minutes of us all praying and
speaking in tongues, my son said, "Wow, I wanted it but wasn´t
really expecting that".  Its time we get our "believers" fixed.
Praise the Lord!"

Praise the Lord indeed! The testimonies just keep rolling in.
If you still have not seen 'The Last Reformation' movie yet, here
is the link again-


Special blessings to all,

Andrew Strom.