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From: "REVIVAL List" <prophetic@...>
Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2016 22:53:13 +1300
by Andrew Strom

In recent years my website and this List have become known
mostly for preaching repentance and opposing deception. In times 
like these this is obviously a needful thing. But there are also 
negatives to it. I have noticed that when people focus too much 
on the dangers of deception, they tend to go right over to the other 
extreme. They become quite "gun-shy" of anything miraculous - 
overly suspicious of anything 'powerful' that happens. They forget 
that God is an extremely "supernatural" God. They forget that the 
true gospel is supposed to be accompanied by healings and 
miracles - the mighty demonstration of the Spirit's power.

Even if we preach with powerful conviction, the fact is, without 
miracles I have to wonder whether we really are representing 
true New Testament Christianity. I am totally convinced that we 
must have both the 'word' and the visible demonstration of 
God's power. Just like they did in the Book of Acts. 

In 1947 Smith Wigglesworth gave a prophecy about the "coming 
together of those with an emphasis on the word and those with 
an emphasis on the Spirit." He said: "When the word and the 
Spirit come together, there will be the biggest move of the Holy 
Spirit that the nation, and indeed, the world has ever seen. It will 
mark the beginning of a revival that will eclipse anything that has 
been witnessed within these shores, even the Wesleyan and 
Welsh revivals of former years...." 

There it is - the WORD and the SPIRIT joined. 

Let me ask a simple question: What did people "see" when they 
came across Jesus' ministry? They saw a simple, piercing 
gospel being preached and also the 'kingdom' being domonstrated 
through healings and miracles. That is basically what they saw. 
And what did people "see" in the ministry of the apostles and 
evangelists of Acts? They saw the same thing. An anointed, 
piercing gospel and mighty demonstrations of God's power - both 
together. In fact, we really should ask ourselves, 'Is it possible to 
preach the gospel (in the full New Testament sense) without 
healings and miracles?' If we are being truly scriptural, surely 
we would have to answer, "NO, IT IS NOT." They are totally 
designed to go together.

Another question- Why is the casting out of demons so important 
in demonstrating the 'kingdom'? Well - what it is showing is the 
greater AUTHORITY found in the name and the 'king-ship' of 
Jesus Christ. Even demons have to obey Him! Suddenly everyone 
sees this beyond a doubt when a demon is cast out before their 
eyes. I remember the first time I saw this happen as a teenager - 
before I was a true Christian. The person screamed and writhed as 
the demon was cast out - just like in the Bible. And what was the 
result in me? CONVICTION! Suddenly everything was 'REALLY 
TRUE'! I felt like running forward and surrendering to God on the spot. 

And this is why I have to question the casting out of demons in a 
"back room" somewhere. Notice that Jesus never did this. He cast 
out demons in PUBLIC - so that the 'kingdom' was demonstrated 
and God was glorified. Notice too, that deliverance seemed to be 
relatively quick and decisive. 

We have got to see the 'Word and the Spirit joined' like this in our 
day, my friends. And that is why I am so encouraged by recent
developments - even in my own life. Just a few days ago I prayed
for a lady that had been in hospital for a stomach operation with
all kinds of complications. Very unwell. But she was immediately
healed in the mighty name of JESUS!

I believe we have come into a "new season" where this kind of
thing will become the expected 'norm' every day. That is what I
have seen. And the great thing is that we are finding we can pass 
this onto others also. I am convinced this is to be a day of "whole 
body" ministry - where every Christian is out healing the sick, 
casting out demons and preaching a mighty gospel. The day
of the "one man band" is coming to an end. Glory to Jesus! 

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Special blessings to all, 

Andrew Strom.