[anzac] THE 'REFORMATION' MUST Go DEEPER - Andrew Strom

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From: "REVIVAL List" <prophetic@...>
Date: Fri, 06 May 2016 22:01:10 +1200
by Andrew Strom

People have been writing to me telling me that I am trying to say
that Torben's "Last Reformation" movement is somehow a
'fulfillment' of the prophecies that I gave 20 years ago. Actually
this is not the case. The healings and things that we are seeing
now are just a small glimpse - just a start - of what God really
wants to do. God wants to bring about the fulness of the word
"Church". The full extent of all that this word is supposed to mean.
What is happening now is just a fraction of it.

The full gospel, the full purity, the full power, the full stature of
Christ that His Body is supposed to represent in the earth. That 
is true "Reformation". What we are seeing now is only a tiny 
portion of the fullness that must come.

Torben himself is very aware of the prophecies I wrote about in
'The Coming Great Reformation'. He has read that book and a lot 
of the other material we have put out. He has been on this email 
List for years. That's why he invited me to preach in Denmark ten 
years ago - and we have been friends ever since. I was preaching 
on all that kind of stuff back then. That's why we got on so well. 
None of this is new. But what is new is that God Himself has 
begun to actively bring this stuff into being. It is actually happening 
for real. This is very recent and very new. I myself am seeing God 
do powerful things that I have never seen before. And suddenly it 
seems totally "normal". Something has changed. A shift has occurred.

Ten years ago we would take teams outside regularly - preaching 
repentance, praying for the sick, baptizing people on the streets - 
all of it. But it was not going anywhere. There was no breakthrough - 
no momentum. God was waiting for His perfect time. Years and 
years of "wilderness" have elapsed in between.

But now suddenly everything has changed. This is God's work. 
It belongs to no man. And no - the "Last Reformation" movement 
is not the "fulfillment" of those prophecies. It is simply a stepping-
stone - a springboard to what is coming. The beginning of a journey 
toward the fulness of what God's people are supposed to be in the
earth. As you know, I am not a 'member' of Torben's movement.
I believe things have got to go a lot deeper to become a full
"Reformation". But at least the process is underway. And that is
a huge shift in itself. Praise God! Let us all press in to make sure 
we do not miss our part in it.

Special blessings in Christ,

Andrew Strom.