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From: "ANZAC Prophetic List" <revival4@...>
Date: Wed, 11 Aug 2004 13:14:51 -0500
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-given to Julie Meyer  (-Kansas City).

Ezek 1 & Rev 4 describe the Throne, sea of glass and the sound 
of the wings.
JULIE'S EXPERIENCE - August 9, 2004:

I had a very fearful and at the same time merciful and kind dream.

I was standing on the other side of the glassy sea. I might have 
been standing on the sea, but I could see the Throne at a distance. 
The Throne was above the sea and there was one sitting on the 
Throne. I could not see an actual man or The Father sitting but one 
like the appearance of a man.

I could hear the waves of the crystal sea clashing. It sounded like
glass crashing together. I thought it would cut my skin, but yet 
was as smooth and clear and flowing like nothing I had ever felt. All 
of Heaven was so rhythmic. The waves were sounding like crashing 
crystal, like, "chink...chink." It was so loud and bright and it hurt 
my ears. I had to cover my ears with my hands because it was so 
loud. There was a tide coming in that made its own sound. It was 
the sound of water but the sound of glass, as if glass was water 
with a tide flowing in and out from around the Throne.

I could see a green rainbow, like a green I had never seen before. 
A green that gave my soul boldness to approach. A green of peace 
and drawing and kindness. I was standing on the sea because I do 
not remember seeing the edge of the sea but I did know that the 
tide was coming in and going back. I looked up and saw a stream 
of water flowing from the  throne, living waters flowing from the throne 
and mixed with the waters was fire. Dan 7:10.

It was a river of water flowing intermingled with a river of fire and
deep in me I kept hearing: "Justice rolls like a river, Justice rolls
like a river. " and I could see the living water and the fire streaming
from the Throne. I could hear the sounds of the crystal sea. The 
crystal water was so very, very loud and it was mixed with sounds 
of the wings. I could see at a distance, these living creatures with 
eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes, everywhere and the eyes were opened so 
wide as if they had seen something they had never seen before. 

They kept circling the Throne and I could hear the sound of their 
wings. I was at a distance but I could see their eyes were staring 
continually at the one on the Throne as if they had never seen 
anything like this before, like it was the first time they had seen 
anything so magnificent. Their wings made a steady rhythm of 
sound, a loud sound, up and down and up and down, smooth and
constant, and yet, roaring and fearful.

At a distance I could feel the vibrations of the rolling of the crowns,
the casting of the crowns down. They cast them down, in awesome 
agony. They do not throw them or set them down but with all of their 
might, they cast down their crowns with all of their might as if to 
throw all, every bit of themselves before this one so Holy.

I could feel the vibrations of the crowns rolling of the floor of heaven
and hear the sounds of the crystal sea and the flapping of the Living
Creatures wings. I just kept staring at them as they stared at the 
One sitting on the Throne. They kept looking at him like it was the 
first time they had ever seen Him, over and over again, their wings 
up and down and their eyes intent on looking at this one on the Throne.

I realized that they had been doing this since the beginning of time 
and still they could not get enough of this one of the Throne. They 
were looking at Him, still, like it was the first time they had ever 
seen Him. I kept hearing the up and down motion of their wings, the 
crashing of the crystal sea, the crowns being cast down and feeling 
the vibrations of the rolls of the crowns and then, "Justice rolls like a 

Those who are closest to the Lord, in the very court of Heaven spend
their time falling down, bowing low, and gazing. Since the beginning 
of time, this is what they do and they never get weary, they just keep
bowing low, falling down and gazing on the Face of God.

I kept watching these living creatures, something was drawing me to
them. I knew as people are given access to the Throne room, we 
would also learn more about these great creatures, meaning they are 
so big and so focused and are so intent about gazing on God and 
never growing weary and never seeing enough.

There was a voice that came from the Throne. I do not know if it was 
God or an angel but it was the loudest sound I have ever heard and 
I felt like a giant wave was right on top of me and was going to come 
crashing down. I felt like I was right underneath a hundred foot wave 
and any second I was going to get crushed. I felt like in one second 
all my hair turned grey and my heart would stop. I felt like I could 
not go low enough. I wanted the sea to swallow me up. 

I was at a distance but I felt like I was right up close. I was trying
to swim my way down, so far down I could not be found, but I 
stayed right in that place. There was no where to go or hide, but I 
kept trying. And I was aware of the flapping of the living creature's 
wings, going around and around the throne, never stopping, and 
always looking, as if for the first time. This up and down motion of 
the wings, I was far away and again I felt like I was so near and their 
eyes never leaving the face of God, like it was the first time they had 
seen Him, and fire and water mixed together flowing side by side 
and intertwined with each other running from the Throne.

I kept hearing, "Justice rolls like a river. Justice rolls like a river." 
(Lk. 18:7-8)

I could see a huge Book. All of a sudden I was up close, yet still far
away. I could see a large book and a hand getting ready to open it. 
It was a huge book and a huge hand touched the cover of it. I could 
not read the title of the book, but I knew the hand was getting ready 
to open it. A message was given and a huge angel flew away from 
the throne and I fell down again because I thought this angel was 
going to knock me over. It was like He flew right at me but right 
through me. He had a message, and then He was gone.

I looked down and I could see our House of Prayer and many, many
heavenly beings watching us and there was much activity going up 
and down and up and down, I did not know what they were doing or 
anything, it was just busy like something is getting ready to happen. 

I saw the Lord pick up a huge wick and drop it to the earth. One end 
of it He stuck in the river of fire and living water and it started to burn, 
starting in Heaven from the very river of living waters and fire moving 
slowing to the earth.

I saw people looking at this wick burning slowly, this wick coming to
the earth and I saw people fall face down. I saw people go low. The
people that remained standing were burnt like coal. I kept asking 
"Why" and I kept hearing, "Go low...Go low...humility... As Justice 
rolls, go low.."

And still in the midst of it all I could look up and see the wings of
the living creatures going up and down, never stopping, never growing
tired. They were never growing weary because all they did was gaze 
upon God, their wings going up and down and their eyes never leaving 
His face, since before the foundations of the earth, they have been 
gazing at His face and still look at Him as if it was the first time.

The crystal sea, the tide ebbing and flowing, the waves crashing, like
sounds of glass, and crowns being cast down, thrown down, the 
sounds of fire and water, side by side... "When Justice rolls, go low" 
And Justice rolls like a river....And justice rolls like a river. 

The Hand of God is beginning to open the Book and Justice rolls like 
a river from the very Throne of God. The angel is sent with a message 
and all of the people of God humble themselves. Go low...go low so 
as not to be consumed.