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Date: Thu, 17 Nov 2016 21:46:31 +1300
Food For Thought  
by George Davis  

In 1949 the communist revolution marked the end of all missionary efforts in  
China. All foreign missionaries were expelled. After the communist takeover  
the Chinese government bitterly attacked the Church in China, driving  it  

For 25 years China was closed to any outside "Christian" influences. Little  
information filtered through the tight-knit bamboo curtain. All remaining  
Christian leaders were rounded up wholesale and were either imprisoned or  
killed outright. Everything that was considered "Christian" was destroyed,  
church building, bibles, hymnals, everything. For 25 years a holocaust far  
exceeding that, inflicted on the Jews by Nazi Germany, ensued. It is  
estimated that about 27 million died during this purging.  

In 1978 Deng Xiaoping came into power and China opened her borders once  
again. The western world stood in breathless anticipation. What would they  
find in the aftermath of such a horrible slaughter? Missionaries from around  
the world stood ready, poised in anxious intrepidity. Would there even be  
one surviving believer? Nothing could have possibly prepared them for what  
they were about to see!  

After 25 years of horrendous persecution the missionaries returned to find  
that the church in China had not been obliterated, as many had feared, but  
that they had grown in number from the estimated one million believers  
before the 1949 revolution, to about 30 million. The contrast was amazing!  
What had caused such unprecedented growth? How could this be? Not only  had 
they grown numerically but they had grown spiritually. The tales of their  
devotion to Christ are nothing short of inspirational. Most bewildering is  
the fact that this unparalleled growth occurred without the aid of any of  
those things that are thought to be essential in denominational  churches  
today. Without the aid of professional pastors/priests, church buildings,  
bibles, Sunday-school materials, homilies, hymnals and mass gatherings,  the 
Church in China has grown numerically and spiritually to be the most  
victorious expression of Christ's Church on the earth today. By all  
accounts, nothing like it has existed since the early Church. The very gates  
of hell could not prevail against her!  

Makes you think doesn't it?