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Date: Thu, 24 Nov 2016 20:24:08 +1300
by Gary Wilkerson
(Nov 21, 2016)

Judgment - I am not accustomed to writing messages on this
subject, and you may be surprised by this one. I prepared it with
great reservations; in fact, it took me far beyond my comfort zone,
even though I am dedicated to preaching the whole counsel of God.

Right now I am compelled to speak because of something I see
happening in our culture. I have grown convinced that America
now stands on the brink of one of the most extreme judgments it
has ever faced. And in this bleak hour God has something to say
to His Church that may begin to turn the tide.

When I grew up, it wasn´t unusual to hear this kind of difficult
message in the denomination my family was part of. Occasionally
I heard my father preach on the subject of judgment. What I´m
talking about is a prophetic message (although my dad was
adamant about not being called a prophet). He said he was a "watchman."


These days I better appreciate the messages my dad preached
and the anguish they caused him. I know he spent hours
wrestling with God over the difficult sermons he delivered. As a
pastor, I appreciate A. W. Tozer´s lesson that God loves to speak
to the man or woman who loves to listen. Yet I fear the church
has lost that practice. God wants to speak to us about our family,
our marriage, our life´s direction, but our ear is inclined less and
less to His voice and more to the world´s.

The Bible calls this condition a famine of the Word of God (see
Amos 8:11) - a lack of knowledge of God and His ways. In times
of chaos He will use the famine to get our attention and He has
my full attention right now! And if He is speaking hard messages
about society to grace-oriented pastors such as I am, it tells me
He is up to something.



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