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"I am an historian, I am not a believer, but I must confess as a
historian that this penniless preacher from Nazareth is
irrevocably the very center of history. Jesus Christ is easily the
most dominant figure in all history."
--H.G. Wells

"God may thunder His commands from Mount Sinai and men may
fear, yet remain at heart exactly as they were before. But let a man
once see his God down in the arena as a Man--suffering, tempted,
sweating, and agonized, finally dying a criminal's death--and he is
a hard man indeed who is untouched."
- J.B. Phillips

"I know men and I tell you that Jesus Christ is no mere man.
Between Him and every other person in the world there is no
possible term of comparison. Alexander, Caesar, Charlemagne,
and I have founded empires. But on what did we rest the creation
of our genius? Upon force. Jesus Christ founded His empire upon
love; and at this hour millions of men would die for Him."

"As the centuries pass, the evidence is accumulating that,
measured by His effect on history, Jesus is the most influential
life ever lived on this planet."
-- Historian Kenneth Scott Latourette

"Jesus of Nazareth, without money and arms, conquered more
millions than Alexander the Great, Caesar, Mohammed, and
Napoleon; without science and learning, he shed more light on
things human and divine than all philosophers and scholars
combined; without the eloquence of school, he spoke such
words of life as were never spoken before or since, and produced
effects which lie beyond the reach of orator or poet; without
writing a single line, he set more pens in motion, and furnished
themes for more sermons, orations, discussions, learned
volumes, works of art, and songs of praise than the whole army
of great men of ancient and modern times."
-Philip Schaff