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Date: Fri, 17 Mar 2017 22:13:22 +1300

"Many people in the world have not rejected Christ. They have
rejected the Christ they´ve seen, projected by Christendom."
- Zac Poonen

"If you will here stop and ask yourself why you are not as pious
as the primitive Christians were, your own heart will tell you that it
is neither through ignorance nor inability, but because you never
thoroughly intended it." - William Law.

"A lot of things that are being spoken of today as the ministry of
the Holy Spirit, it´s just emotional exuberance. Because people
don´t know what is soul and what is spirit....Young people are so
often taken up with that exuberance and say, `Oh, this is Holy
Spirit.´ It´s not, if it were Holy Spirit it would bring holiness."
- Zac Poonen

"It was a choice saying of Augustine, 'Every saint is God's temple,
and he who carries his temple about him, may go to prayer when
he pleaseth'." - Thomas Brooks.

"Prayer is nothing but the breathing that out before the Lord, that
was first breathed into us by the Spirit of the Lord." - Thomas Brooks.