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"Why is there so much speaking, yet so little prayer? Why Is there
so much running to and fro to meetings, conventions, fellowship
gatherings and yet so little time for prayer'? Brethren, why so
many meetings with our fellow men and so few meetings with
God?" - Andrew Bonar

"The neglect of prayer is a grand hindrance to holiness."
 - John Wesley

"One of the special marks of the Holy Ghost in the Apostolic
Church was the spirit of boldness. One of the most essential
qualities of faith that is to attempt great things for God and expect
great things from God, is holy audacity."
 - A. B. Simpson

"Some years ago in China, at a meeting of missionaries and
Chinese pastors, one of the Chinese pastors made a striking
address. He said that he and his brethren were more than grateful
to those who brought them the word of life and the gospel of the
Lord Jesus Christ, but yet, he said, there was one thing more
which missionaries should teach their spiritual children. This new
thing was to pray with authority, so that they might know how to
take their stand in faith before the throne and rebuke the forces of
evil, holding steady and firm, and gain the victory over them. That
same need is tremendously evident today in the experiences of
all that are seeking to walk closely with the Lord, and to stand for
Him in the face of increasing opposition. Some have spoken of
this as `throne prayer┬┤- praying with one's hand touching the
throne of God." - T. Stanley Soltau

"It is very much easier to work than to pray. Most of the
missionaries are earnest workers. But are we all that we should
be in the matter of prayer? Let us not suppose that just any sort
of praying will do for China. We must all wrestle with God. `I will
not let Thee go unless Thou bless China.┬┤" - Griffith John

"He who has no vision of ETERNITY will never get a true hold of
TIME." - T. Carlyle

"The neglected heart will soon be a heart overrun with worldly
thoughts; the neglected life will soon become a moral chaos; the
church that is not jealously protected by mighty intercession and
sacrificial labors will before long become the abode of every evil
bird and the hiding place for unsuspected corruption. The creeping
wilderness will soon take over that church that trusts in its own
strength and forgets to watch and pray." - A. W. Tozer

"We have not been men of prayer. The spirit of prayer has
slumbered among us. The closet has been too little frequented
and delighted in. We have allowed business, study or active labor
to interfere with our closet-hours. And the feverish atmosphere in
which both the church and the nation are enveloped has found its
way into our prayer closets..." - Andrew Bonar

"If I am concerned that my flock be men and women of prayer,
then, as their pastor, I must lead the way; apathy in me will
produce apathy in them. The church prayer meeting ought to be
the best attended in the week, and if it is, success will follow the
ministry of the Word at the weekends. I would rather a thousand
times set men and women to pray than teach them to preach."
 - J. D. Drysdale

"I would rather teach one man to pray than ten men to preach."
 - J. H. Jowett

"Oh, how few find time for prayer! There is time for everything else,
time to sleep and time to eat, time to read the newspaper and the
novel, time to visit friends, time for everything else under the sun,
but - no time for prayer, the most important of all things, the one
great essential!" - Oswald Smith