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Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2017 19:17:44 +1200

"Elisha had more of the Holy Spirit, dead, than most Christians
have of Him, alive." - Steve Wilburn

"God doesn't answer prayer, He answers desperate prayer!"
- Leonard Ravenhill

"I don't want to preach GOOD, I want to preach GOD!"
- G.A. Jarquin

"We sometimes talk about the price of revival, and we need to be
very careful as to what we mean when we speak like this. We may
place that price so high that we put revival right beyond the reach
of the ordinary run of mortals. Maybe that is our way of attempting
to justify God, that He has not yet, apparently, given the revival
His people need.
But that is a wrong done to God and a cruelty done to his church.
There is without doubt a price to be paid for revival, but it is not of
necessity the long nights of prayer or excruciating sacrifices, but
of simply humbling pride to repent of sin." - Roy Hession

"Truth must be spoken, however it be taken."-John Trapp

"I'm not an erudite man, but I only have one message. Repent.
That's it. Now I can sit down." - Ray Greenley

"I bet you there will be people in hell saying, 'I thought there was
no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus.'" - G.A. Jarquin

"They will pay $15 for a Christian concert to hear a Christian singer
and for free they won't come into the presence of God and call
upon the name of the Lord." - Jim Cymbala

"No praying.. no holiness." - Greg Gordon