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"Revival is the Church of God as a conquering army putting to rout
the hosts of hell." - James A. Stewart

"Revival is torrents of living water flowing out of the individual
believer." - James A. Stewart

"Revival is the beauty of holiness adorning the saints."
 - James A. Stewart

"Revival is restoring the years the locusts have eaten."
 - James A. Stewart

"Revival is the people of God constrained, gripped, overmastered,
and overwhelmed by the love of Christ, so that they are feverishly
restless to win souls for Christ." - James A. Stewart

"I believe there is one thing for which God is very angry with our
land, and for which His Holy Spirit is so little among us, and that
is the neglect of united prayer; the appointed means of bringing
down the Holy Spirit." - Brownlow North

"Revival and change are almost synonymous terms and both
clearly cut across traditionalism. There is no way true revival can
occur without major changes disrupting and reordering the life of
the Church... God is no traditionalist. While God is orderly, He is
always fresh and vital. If a church can run according to forms and
traditions of men, it will run without the presence and power of God...
Is it any wonder the love of tradition is an enemy to revival? Revival
and new life go hand in hand ... Let every church realize that the
inordinate love of tradition is a great opponent to revival ... When a
church slays the love of tradition, a major obstacle to revival will be
slain With it." - Richard Owen Roberts

"There is no question that God works, often powerfully, in the old
structures. But it is inevitable that those very structures put
serious limitations on His working. It is all too easy for the ground
gained to be lost, for the situation to revert, and for the whole
process to need repeating within a short space of time. Take the
1950, Lewis Awakening. Though confined to certain Presbyterian
churches in the Outer Hebrides, this was a powerful movement of
the Spirit that deeply affected those communities at the time.
Many found faith in Christ, and some of these are now in full-time
service. But the fact remains that in less than a decade you could
visit those very churches where God had worked so powerfully and
never suspect that they had ever tasted revival. Without a change
of structure it is virtually Impossible to conserve the fruits of revival."
 - Arthur Wallis

"Perhaps the greatest barrier to revival on a large scale is the fact
that we are too interested in a great display. We want an
exhibition; God is looking for a man who will throw himself entirely
on God. Whenever self-effort, self-glory, self-seeking or self-
promotion enters into the work of revival, then God leaves us to
ourselves." - Ted S. Rendall

"All practical power over sin and over men depends on maintaining
closet communion. Those who abide in the secret place with God
show themselves mighty to conquer evil, and strong to work and
to war for God. They are seers who read His secrets; they know
His will; they are the meek whom He guides in judgment and
teaches His way. They are His prophets who speak for Him to
others, and even forecast things to come. They watch the signs
of the times and discern His tokens and read His signals." -
 A. T. Pierson