[anzac] Andrew's NEW BOOK - for ANY Donation - ("9 Lies" etc.)

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From: "ANZAC Prophetic List" <revival4@...>
Date: Wed, 01 Sep 2004 12:38:07 -0500
From:  Andrew Strom.

(-which is only $1.30 in America) - 

New Book - "The SECRETS of the EARLY CHURCH"
by Andrew Strom. (-Based on our "9 LIES" series).

Dear friends,
                  the "9 Lies" series generated the largest response 
we have ever seen on our Email List. For months I was inundated 
with literally THOUSANDS of emails about these articles. And 
this is the book of that series - plus some additional material as well.

As usual, we are offering this book to you for *ANY* donation -
even if you can only afford to cover the POSTAGE. So if you
are in America, you can get this book just by sending $1.30.
(Sadly, if you are way down in New Zealand or Australia the
postage amount is NZ $5.50. Sorry - there is nothing we can do).
Obviously, if you can afford to send a 'donation' that would be 
great. (-Just pray and ask God how much to send). But if you 
can only afford the 'postage', then that is fine. Just send that. We 
do not want people missing out on this book just through lack of 

What exactly is this book about?
-Well, it covers some of the most controversial topics in the church
today: -How exactly do we get back to being like the Book of Acts? 
What are the 'heart' changes and the 'structural' changes that are
needed? Are "church buildings" in the Bible? Is 'Asking Jesus into 
your heart' in the Bible? What about 'One-Man' Pastors? Or 'Bible 
Colleges'? Or Denominations? Or "Tithing" for Christians? And why
was 'Communion' so important? 

How exactly did the Early Church live? How did they come into a
'Revival' state? What will it take for us to become like that 'original'
church again?

If you caught the "9 Lies" series, you will be pleased to know that 
there is some additional material in the book, including a section 
on the "Shape of the church to come" and an additional Bible Study 
section for each topic. The book is 16 chapters - 72 pages long.

HOW to get the BOOK:

Firstly, you need to REPLY to this email, so that we know how
many people are wanting it.

Secondly, simply send your donation to the following address:

Andrew Strom,
PO Box 9852,
Kansas City,
MO 64134,

(Please remember to include your ADDRESS). And we will get
the book off to you ASAP.

I look forward to hearing back from you if you want this book,
my friends.

God bless you all!

Kindest regards in Christ,

Andrew Strom.