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"It is absolutely forbidden to repay evil with evil."
~ Tertullian (160AD - 220AD)

"Above all Christians are not allowed to correct by violence sinful
~ Clement of Alexandria (150AD - 214AD)

"We who formerly hated and murdered one another now live
together and share the same table. We pray for our enemies
and try to win those who hate us."
~ Justin the Martyr (100AD - 165AD)

"The Christian does not hurt even his enemy."
~ Tertullian (160AD - 220AD)

"None of us offers resistance when he is seized, or avenges
himself for your unjust violence, although our people are
numerous and plentiful...it is not lawful for us to hate, and so
we please God more when we render no requital for injury...
we repay your hatred with kindness."
~ St. Cyprian (died 258 AD)

"Christians "love all people, and are persecuted by all; ...they
are reviled, and they bless; they are insulted, and are respectful."
~ Mathetes (late 2nd Century)

"Christians appeal to those who wrong them and make them
friendly to themselves; they are eager to do good to their
enemies; they are mild and conciliatory."
~ Aristides of Athens (2nd Century)