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Date: Thu, 09 Sep 2004 17:27:12 -0500
From:           	"Len Carter" <len.carter@...>
Date sent:      	Thu, 9 Sep 2004 16:50:21 -0400

"Coming Move of BOLDNESS"
-by Len Carter.

In March of 1995 I spent a week in prayer and fasting and during 
that time the Lord gave me three very distinct and clear visions. 

Vision: A Raising-up of the Youth

In this vision I saw two young men of God, one was dark haired and 
the other light haired.  They appeared young, somewhere between 
17 to 21 years of age.  I also distinctly remember the perspective 
from which I was viewing them; it was as if I were suspended in the 
air several feet above their heads, enabling me to visually observe 
the large room in which they were standing.

In this vision these two young men were standing inside a large 
Gay bar (a nightclub which caters to male homosexuals) and the 
entire place was packed with a  few hundred patrons, all drinking, 
dancing and reveling amongst the swirling lights of the dance floor 
and the loud pounding beat of music.  As my attention was drawn 
back to the two young men of God, I could see that they had just
entered into the nightclub, for the entrance door was only a few 
feet behind them.  The dark haired young man of God suddenly 
burst out into the preaching of the Gospel as the light haired 
young man stood firmly behind him clutching several packets of 
Gospel Tracts (literature) in his hands. 

The first thing that I noticed was that these two young men were 
absolutely fearless; they were like Lions, completely swept-up by 
the power of God which was being poured out upon them.  They 
appeared totally unconcerned for their safety or reputations.  As
the dark haired preacher proclaimed the word of the Lord, his 
voice was like thunder, drowning out the noise and clatter of the 
nightclub; and his face was like flint, exuding a boldness and 
authority that instantly captured the attention of everyone in the 
bar.  These two young lions had been sent in there by the Lord 
and everyone there seemed to know it.  As I looked around the 
bar, everyone was completely fixed upon these two young men of 
God, none spoke or interrupted their message.  

My attention was then specifically drawn to one of the patrons 
sitting at the bar.  I remember him being clad in black leather 
bikers apparel, and sporting a large black moustache.  His elbow 
and forearm rested on the bar top as he held on to a bottle of beer 
and, turned around on his barstool facing towards these two 
young men, he seemed to be carefully weighing every word that 
he was hearing.

The interpretation was given as a sudden flash of knowledge from 
the Holy Spirit, like an instantaneous and powerful impression 
through which I was given understanding.  What the Spirit of The 
Lord conveyed to me was as follows:  

In these last days I (the Lord Jesus Christ) am going to pour out 
my Holy Spirit in might and in power upon the young, and I will 
give them a Spirit of boldness and determination.  They will neither 
fear men nor the rulers of men and they will do and say all that I 
have commanded them to do and say. I will send them out to the 
lost and the perishing, warning them to flee the wrath that is to 
come; and I will protect these, my servants, and I will encompass 
them about; and their exploits will be a rebuke and an admonishment 
to those who confess my name but have become lovers of this world.