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Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2018 21:25:27 +1200

"When I pastored a country church, a farmer didn't like the 
sermons I preached on hell. He said, 'Preach about the meek and 
lowly Jesus.' I said, 'That's where I got my information about hell.'"
- Vance Havner

"It is one of the ironies of the ministry that the very man who works
in God's name is often hardest put to find time for God. The 
parents of Jesus lost Him at church, and they were not the last 
ones to lose Him there." - Vance Havner

"Where God builds a church the devil builds a chapel." 
- Martin Luther

"Folks, it's getting late and it's getting serious." - David Wilkerson

"Are we not told to seek first the Kingdom of God --- not the 
means to advance it --- and that 'all these things' shall be added 
to us? Such promises are surely sufficient." - Hudson Taylor

"Instead of preaching the good news that sinners can be made 
righteous in Christ and escape the wrath to come, the gospel has 
degenerated into the pretext that we can be happy in Christ and 
escape the hassles of life." - Ray Comfort