[anzac] REALLY?? -"Why Judgment Prophecies Are Never From God"

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Date: Thu, 05 Jul 2018 21:38:08 +1200
REALLY?? -"Why Judgment Prophecies Are Never From God"
-Comment by Andrew Strom

Charisma magazine has just sent out another clanger from a
modern "prophet". It reads as follows- 

"Shawn Bolz: Why Judgment Prophecies Are Never From God...
Shawn Bolz says judgment prophecies are never from God 
because Jesus already took all of God's judgment for us. While 
judgment constituted a large part of Old Testament prophecies, 
Bolz says that people today aren't under God's judgment..."

So judgment prophecies are "never" from God?
This, of course, would mean that the entire Book of Revelation
in the Bible is "not from God". It would mean that many of the
prophecies of Jesus are "not from God" and many of the
end-time verses from the New Testament are "not from God".
And that many of the words of the apostles are "not from God".

A big Thankyou once again goes to Shawn Bolz and Charisma
magazine for the 'word' they are spreading.

Should we be surprised?