[anzac] DREAMS - Shattered THEN Released

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From: "ANZAC Prophetic List" <prophetic@...>
Date: Wed, 22 Sep 2004 22:42:33 -0500
From:           "Mark Douglass" <JCROCS@...>
Date sent:      Wed, 22 Sep 2004 14:58:37 -0400

"DREAMS - Shattered THEN Released"
-Mark A. Douglass.

A few weeks ago I had a vision of a field where many people were 
keeping their dreams.  These dreams were contained in glass 
cylinders and the people would come to this field and gaze longlingly 
into the glass at their dream.  Then in a day the Lord came by and 
trampled the containers under his feet.  Looking down at His people 
He sees them weeping over the broken glass and I heard him say
that surely the dream had not been destroyed, but the limiting 
container that held the dream was broken in order to release the 
dream into the greater arena of His intention and plan!  The dream 
is NOT dead!  Your dream is NOT dead!  It cannot be seen as 
before because it is no longer contained within the limited sphere of 
your intention.  

The Lord broke the glass because it was in the way of His 
construction, for what He is constructing is a foundation for His 
throne to be established.  His throne will only be established in the 
lives of those willing to bear the marks of the Gospel.  I see that 
this is positional.  The weight of His glory would crush what is not 
in proper alignment.  

I have endeavored to relate this vision as accurately as it was 
given me without adding interpretation not present at the time of 
the vision.  I pray that this vision will edify and encourage the men 
and women of God who are struggling in the hidden place for a 
season.  Your emergence is coming and it will not be late!