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Date: Wed, 29 Sep 2004 16:15:21 -0500
From:           "michael chartier" <michaelchartier777@...>
Date sent:      Sun, 26 Sep 2004 00:41:51 -0700

-by Michael Chartier. 

The church today is being "radically transformed" as never before.  
Evidence of this is happening worldwide.

I listened a couple weeks ago to a Ugandan Preacher/Church 
Planter named Jackson Senyanga preach about how his entire 
country was beseiged a few years ago by a vicious dictator and 
everyone was being murdered and living in fear. Now, after seeking 
God in earnest, he said his entire country is experiencing REVIVAL, 
even the government officials speak openly of God. He attributed 
the CHANGE or Revival to 5 FACETS of PRAYER; namely prayer 
that is all of these five:

1.  Repentant
2.  United
3.  Intentional
4.  Sustained
5.  Desperate

All 5 facets of prayer were necessary he said for the REVIVAL to 
come.  He shared how his country is sending out evangelists/
missionaries like himself to the USA and Great Britain now as we 
used to do to Africa, because "God is no respector of persons."  
He appoints/anoints, addresses/blesses, and chooses/looses as 
He decides, NOT us.  America has become so PRIDEFUL, just 
like Israel was in the Bible when they were so sinfully stiffnecked 
and stubborn in their disobedient rebellion against God.  We as a 
nation are being judged now for the same spiritual backsliding as 
was Israel.  We need to REPENT and SEEK God with all our heart 
just like Jackson Senyanga said.

I saw another visible sign of this being confirmed on TV. There was 
an evangelist/prophet by the name of Damon Thompson. The 
message was one and the same. Damon Thompson preached from 
I Samuel 17:37... about how God is going to use REVOLUTIONARY 
methods to bring about REVIVAL here in the USA, starting with 
the REFORMATION of the church, his bride. He likened the coming
CHANGE/REVIVAL/VICTORY to David's victory over Goliath.  

He [David] would fight the battle God's way, as David and not as 
Saul. He would do so in the power and might of the name of Yahweh, 
and not in the name of Israel and the authority of Saul or the might 
of military means.  Not only that, but David would PROPHESY of 
his enemy's impending defeat moments after Goliath had tried to 
intimidate and humiliate David for attempting to not only face 
Goliath man to man, but do so with such UNORTHODOX or 
UNACCUSTOMED means.  What is even more amazing is that 
David RAN TOWARD the giant TWICE in the same battle.  That is 
FEARLESS FAITH.  He attacked offensively.  He did not cower in 
fear, nor hope he would find a safe place to retreat to and regroup.  
He attacked and as a result felled his opponent with one stone.  
Then he RAN AGAIN toward his enemy and used his enemy's own 
sword/weapon to turn it against him and decollate his pate and 
seal the VICTORY! This is how the CHURCH today, according to 
Damon Thompson, will catch the enemy off guard, by using 
"unexpected" means.

That was Damon Thompson's point.  God is raising up an army of 
Davids and John the Baptists (as Andrew Strom has said) to go 
forth and do battle with the enemy in such a NEW and UNEXPECTED 
way as the CHURCH that the enemy won't know what to do, and 
even better, we will get to turn the enemy's own weapons against
himself/them.  Awesome!

"The battle is not ours, but the Lord's... It is NOT by might, nor by 
power, but by MY SPIRIT says the Lord."

We would do well to hear and heed God's clarion call to 
REPENTANCE as a nation and seek Him with all our heart while 
He still may be found.  May we not remain too prideful nor fearful 
to humble ourselves and pray and seek His face. God have mercy 
and help us to depend completely on YOU!

-Michael Chartier.