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Date: Tue, 05 Oct 2004 17:36:32 -0500
NOTE:  Below are prophecies and visions relating to events in 
Florida. Put together, they certainly command our attention.  
-Andrew Strom  (Moderator).
(1) ROBERT HOLMES  (-StormHarvest Ministries):

Back in 1998, Robert Holmes was speaking at a church 
camp in Florida (Fort Lauderdale). 

During those meetings he prophesied that the Lord would 
"Send hurricanes against the fort in Florida and there shall 
be a fire unprecedented in the earth as a sign". 

Just what "The Fort" meant, we were not sure. Florida has 
9 coastal forts and 6 interior forts, as well as three cities 
with fort in their names. 

During those meetings, God once again came and said 
"The Fort is sedative" and several scriptures came to mind: 
- Ezekiel 13:14 in which Ezekiel speaks of the 
complacency of the people in Israel. Believing they had 
protection, had built a wall and painted it, but he would 
send a storm and blow it down, spending his wrath against 
her "self protection" and isolation. It particularly speaks to 
the sleeping church, whose "prophets" have spoken peace, 
peace when there is no peace. 

Secondly Matthew 3:12 came to mind in which John the 
Baptist depicts Jesus' ministry, with a winnowing fork in his 
hand, cleansing the threshing floor, gathering the wheat 
into the barn and burning the remainder with fire. So we 
definitely felt that issues of refinement and cleansing 
judgements would be seen in Florida. Such a thought was 
almost alien to our friends in the USA. That God would 
even think to judge America, that he might, in his mercy, 
bring wrath. In fact at the time several leaders denounced 
the prophecy as false.

We watched with interest from Australia as the last 
elections played out and were finally won (and lost) in 
Florida. Then this week, we saw with amazement the news 
of the Florida hurricanes. The four hurricanes that have 
struck Florida this season matched the most to hit a single 
state since 1886, when Texas was battered four times. 
According to Newark, California-based Risk Management 
Solutions the storms have caused 25 billion dollars in 
combined damage and left at least 70 dead in Florida 

According to Associated Press on Sunday Sept 26:

- Charley came ashore Aug. 13 with 145-mph winds at 
Charlotte Harbour, causing severe damage in southwest 
and central Florida. 
- Frances hit Labour Day weekend with 105-mph winds on 
the Atlantic coast near Stuart, stripping roofs, smashing 
boats and damaging the Kennedy Space Centre (Martin 
County) just north of the Tri Country area. 
- Ivan raked the western Florida Panhandle on Sept. 16 
after landing on the Alabama coast with 130-mph winds. 
- Jeanne made landfall late Aug. 25th, near Stuart, with 
120-mph winds.

The National Weather Bureau noted that many of the 
historic buildings, fortresses and places of interest have 
been damaged, affecting tourism, business and travel.

"Let us pray!"   [-Source:  mario@... ]

(2)  A "HIT" of DISCIPLINE - Rick Churder's Vision:

MODERATOR WRITES:  Not long after we moved to Kansas 
City earlier this year, I met a local prophet named Rick Churder. 
He had been given a vision in January 2004 which he did not 
understand at the time - and still has questions as to it's exact 
meaning. Here is Rick's written version of what he saw:

The HAND using FLORIDA to "Discipline":
"Sometime around the middle to latter part of January, 2004, I was 
shown a vision of the United States. This view of the nation was 
from a position well above the surface of the earth, out over the Gulf 
of Mexico, and southwest of the state of Florida.  Shortly after this 
vision began, I watched as an arm stretched down to the earth from 
behind me and off to my right.  The state of Florida was grasped by 
the hand at the end of this arm.

Florida was swiftly lifted up from the earth while pulling the rest of
the United States up after it. It was as though the state of Florida 
served as a handle, or grip for the purpose of lifting up the rest of 
the nation. As swiftly as Florida and the rest of the nation was 
lifted up, it was slammed back down in it's original position, with 
the rest of the nation following suit.  It was a scene not unlike 
watching a rug being shaken out or "the board of education being 
applied to the seat of knowledge," if you will. 

As the rest of the nation came slamming back into it's original 
position, I watched as shockwaves quickly traveled out from a point 
in the central part of the nation.  As I looked at these waves rolling 
through the land in all directions, I recognized that they were 
emanating from what appeared to be the Kansas City area.  I watched 
as the shockwaves reached the borders of the land, and like waves 
in a pool hitting the walls of the pool, they began rebounding back 
toward the point of origin.  Once these waves reached their point of 
origin, the vision ended."

MODERATOR AGAIN:  Forgetting about the 'Kansas City' section
of this vision, I feel it is very important to grasp the fact that God is
clearly using events in Florida to bring a kind of "discipline" or 
"limited judgement" to the USA. Just as a wayward child may be 
spanked to give correction, it appears that a very hard impact was 
needed to bring something home to the nation. But will this message 
be heeded?

I find it interesting that when Robert Holmes first spoke of this kind
of thing in Florida in 1998, his word was rejected and even decried
as "false", because many American Christians find it hard to believe
that God would bring these kinds of judgements upon the USA. 
These people are clearly deluded. The very fact that these things 
are now happening show how serious the spiritual decline in 
America has become. Until such Christians wake up to what God 
is trying to tell them, it is likely that such judgements will just keep 
coming - getting more and more severe until this "disciplining" has 
the desired effect, and the people REPENT.

Another aspect that comes into this: The central Florida region
where these hurricanes did their worst damage is home to some
of the largest and most luxurious churches in the nation, as well
as many wealthy retired Christians. It is also home to Disneyworld.
A significant correlation?

Remember, God's prophetic word to today's "lukewarm" church 
is very simple. Jesus Himself spoke this to the Laodiceans: 
"Those whom I love I rebuke and DISCIPLINE. So be earnest, 
and REPENT." (Rev 3:19, NIV). Any prophet who is not
preaching what JESUS PREACHED to the lukewarm church
surely cannot be bringing the word of the Lord today. The King 
James puts it like this: "As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: 
be zealous therefore and REPENT."

From all of the above I can only conclude that this "chastening"
from God is now well underway. Are you listening, America?

God bless you all,

-Andrew Strom.