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From: "ANZAC Prophetic List" <prophetic@...>
Date: Wed, 6 Aug 2003 14:27:20 +1200
From:  Andrew Strom.

Dear friends,
                     hope you are all well.  I said last week after
my return from the USA that I would publish a fuller account
of my USA trip - so here it is.  It was an amazing time and
I could really feel that people were praying.  Thankyou
so much because your prayers made a huge difference.
Just as had been prophesied to me before I left home, on 
this trip my preaching went to new levels that I have never 
experienced before.

As I wrote last week, In New Zealand most of the time 
I minister as a 'prophetic teacher' more than anything.  
But in the USA there were virtually whole sermons at 
times when I was in "thundering prophet" mode - and it 
felt so anointed it just seemed to sweep the people along. 
(-This was particularly true of my first night in Nashville - 
when a holy anger came upon me for all the deception
and lukewarmness in the church. That night was a night
to remember!  I have preached anointed sermons before,
but I have never "thundered" a message like that. There 
was such a boldness on me that I almost frightened 
myself!  I feel that this is a new level of authority in my 
preaching that I need to continue in, and even flow in 
more strongly.  Even though it was an incredibly "hard 
word", people truly received it - because it had the Holy 
Spirit upon it very strongly. We opened up the microphone 
afterwards and many came forward to cry out in prayer 
and repentance over the state of the church. Quite a 
powerful night.

I am hoping to make the tapes of these USA meetings 
available before long. There were three meetings that I felt
were particularly powerful.

I pray that this is just the beginning of a whole new realm
of "prophet-like" authority in my ministry.

Another thing that God confirmed to me is that my burden
for Kansas City (-which I have carried now for 10 years)
really is from Him.  And it is time to act upon it.  I met
some wonderful saints in KC who confirmed a lot of
things to me.

Jacqui and I have been discussing for years whether God
wants us based in the USA - specifically Kansas City. If
you have been on this List for awhile you will already be 
aware of how long we have been talking about this. Since 
I have been back I have been talking with my family about 
shifting over there in December this year - if a visa or 
Green Card can somehow be obtained. (-It seems that we 
need a US ministry that is willing to 'sponsor' us into the 
country. -Quite a big deal). If you have any insights into
this area, my friends, then please let me know? We would
greatly value your prayers about this, because we need a 
miracle to get through the US immigration minefield. And
because we have six children it is expensive as well!  But I 
truly feel that it is time to go forward in God. If He is in it 
then He will show the way.

The USA tends to bring out the "prophet" in me because
I have to say I have never felt such deception on such a 
widespread scale as in the US church. It is truly shocking -
it really is. The prophetic movement and the charismatic
movement seem to me to be rife with deception and
lukewarmness - of all kinds. It shocked me deeply. When
I came back to New Zealand it was just about all I could
think about. I had been aware of it from afar, but witnessing 
it for myself was worse than I was ready for. It is almost as 
if the church has been blinded and "given over to believe a 
lie". It is that bad. And we in New Zealand follow the lead 
of the American church! (-Which is something I spoke 
about quite a bit - the special responsiblity that the US 
has before God, because the whole Western world follows 
her lead - including the church). 

Everywhere I went when I preached on these things there
were many "Amens" and nods of agreement. Americans
are aware that all this is true - and strangely they seem to
appreciate someone bringing a "hard word" to tell things
the way they are and call for repentance.  I tell you, the
Prophetic movement has a lot to answer for - because they
really have not preached this way in America as they
should have. It could be argued that the church is lukewarm
because her prophets are lukewarm.  I spoke on this also.  
And the need for new "John the Baptists" to arise. (-The
church needs them so badly - I am convinced they are
coming. But will their words be heeded?)

All in all it was an amazing trip - the beginning of a whole
new era in my ministry, I feel.

As I said earlier, I will make the preaching tapes available - 
because I have simply never heard myself preach like I did
on this trip. Long may it continue. -The "thunderings" of God.

Thankyou again for your prayers, my friends.  Please keep
praying for us if you can at this time?  I will let you know
any further developments. And please contact me if you
have any input on our "immigration" situation?

God bless you all!

Kindest regards in Christ,

Andrew Strom.