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From: "ANZAC Prophetic List" <prophetic@...>
Date: Tue, 23 Nov 2004 13:44:21 -0600
-Andrew Strom.

I have never seen such a "shaking" caused by any article we
ever published as the one on "WHY I LEFT the PROPHETIC
MOVEMENT". That week I received over 2000 emails on the
subject - even though my email was malfunctioning for 3 of those
days. I have read as many of them as I could. Very sorry to those
who have not received a reply from me. I do not employ someone 
to read my emails - I read them myself. And sometimes I get a 
little overwhelmed. 

Below is a comment from Chad Taylor about the reaction when
he published that article on his own Prophetic List. After that I will 
add a few more comments:

Chad Taylor:
"We received hundreds of responses on my response to the Andrew 
Strom article, "Why I left the Prophetic Movement".  Surprisingly 
most of the feedback was positive and hopeful although most did 
agree change is inevitable.  After being a part of this "movement" 
since I was saved in 1986 and later corresponded and met Leonard 
Ravenhill and many other prophets, I have seen first hand the 
evolution of this movement and its pitfalls. I have had to dig out of 
some them myself.

"One of the greatest dangers any progression poses is the lack of
humility and willingness to change and grow.  I was also surprised 
by the defensive posture many took that are either mentioned in 
the article or disagree with Andrew Strom. Personally I do not 
agree 100% with his article but I do agree 100% that radical 
change is fast approaching all of us.  So many also emailed us 
and expressed the same frustration with the current conferences 
etc. and are discouraged and frustrated with the same issues 
Andrew addressed.  I believe - though some do not want to admit 
it, Andrew's article is already provoking change in those that read 
it and those it was written about.

"One reader sent this scripture which is on target with this issue: 
"He removed the high places, and broke the images, and cut down 
the groves, and broke in pieces the brazen serpent that Moses had 
made: for until those days the children of Israel burnt incense to it: 
and he called it Nehushtan."

"The very image that was once used by Moses to bring deliverance 
to Israel was now being worshiped and put in a place above the 
Lord Himself.  If you look closely at the Charismatic or the healing 
movement of the 40's, 50's and 60's you will see the same trap.  
We begin to "worship" the personalities more than we worship God.  
This derailed many ministries then and can now if we are not open 
to reproof and allow the changes the Lord is bringing to take effect. 
Let's continue to pray for all those in leadership that we strive to be 
more like Jesus not so and so and so and so.  They are not the 
image we are created to reflect.  They are simply human beings 
that God is using because they are willing to be used.  Nothing more."


It has not been the emails that disagree with me or accuse me of 
being "divisive", etc, that bring me to tears. It is the emails from all 
over the world that strongly AGREE with me and tell me of other
horrors that they have witnessed themselves. I sat at my computer 
last night getting sadder and sadder as I read account after account 
of the sickness that has spread around the globe as part of this
movement. -It is actually WORSE than I ever imagined.

I know that Mr Taylor and others are hopeful that the Prophetic can
somehow be "reformed" - and they even see my articles as being
helpful in this process. (ie. Forcing change). But I tell you, I believe
this movement is BEYOND reforming. It has reached the point of
no return. Some slight changes may occur - but they can only be 
'surface' ones really. That is why I felt I had to totally CUT MYSELF 
OFF at this time. -It really has become that bad.

We are talking here about a movement where it is encouraged for
people to interact with "Orbs of light" that come hovering down
(-a major prophetic ministry does this) or to pay money for
personal "dream interpretations". We are talking about a movement
that teaches people how to "visualize" their way into the 'Third Heaven'
and sometimes holds 'Presbytery' days where you can book a half-
hour personal appointment with a prophet for a hefty fee. We are
talking about a movement that majors on 'manifestations', "portals"
and weird 'visitations'. In every way it more closely resembles the
New Age movement than anything Christian. In fact, more and more 
I am seeing that this movement is utterly dominated by a spirit of
DIVINATION and fortune-telling. It is sick beyond words. And it's
prophets are utterly blind. Even now, they rush to hold a huge
'Visitations' gathering in Hollywood led by Jill Austin - one of the
most "Divination"-oriented of them all. I am close to tears even now,
just writing about it. It is so awful what this movement has become.
Please STAY AWAY from it, my friends. We are talking about
DEMONIC encounters here. "And no marvel; for Satan himself is
transformed into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if
his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness."
(2 Cor 11:14-15). We truly are in the Last Days.

Now, Mr Taylor and others like him are quite aware of how bad 
things have got. We have all been aware of it for some time. And 
yet we felt it was possible to 'pick out the bones' - to find the best 
and spit out the rest. That is exactly what I used to do. But I 
believe the time for that is gone. I want to put out a public call for 
Chad Taylor and other discerning leaders to join me in raising up a 
new generation of prophets - to publicly stand AGAINST all the 
excesses and FOR true REPENTANCE and a PURE PROPHETIC. 
The "old" cannot be reformed. And unless God raises up new
prophets in this hour, then all is lost.

So how about it, Mr Taylor? This is an honest call to you, my friend. 
We need your help - and many others like you. Only a PURE 
prophetic can beget Revival. All of history declares that fact. So will 
you stand with us? Will you be part of a 'new thing'? 

We read in Scripture that "Judgement begins at the house of God" 
and I am convinced that the 'House of the prophets' is to be first. 
The shaking has already begun and I am convinced that it is going 
to get far worse. Everything that can be shaken will be shaken. 
God is putting His house in order. All that is not of Him will fall away. 
I believe we are going to see this process go right through the 
church - from the top down - until Jesus has a Bride that is truly 
"without spot or wrinkle or any such thing."  We live in the most 
momentous of times.

To send us feedback on this article, please write to:

God bless you all, my friends.

Kindest regards in Christ,

Andrew Strom.