[anzac] "We THREW AWAY the BOOKS & TAPES"

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From: "ANZAC Prophetic List" <prophetic@...>
Date: Tue, 23 Nov 2004 15:40:01 -0600
From:           "jbishop" <jbishop@...>

-Joan Bishop.

I want to thank you for opening my eyes to the state of the prophetic 
and also to let you know how the Lord led my intercessory prayer 
partner and me to act upon your emails.

In 1997 I came "back to the Lord" after having been away from Him 
for over seven years as a result of the death of my husband. 
Counting those years in the wilderness I've been a Christian for 
about 33 years. Long time. 

When I returned I wanted everything I could receive from the Lord, 
so as a result I went to every conference within my reach, some 
not so near. I bought books, tapes, CDs and Bibles, and more 
Bibles, so that I must have over 15 or 16 Bibles right now. But I 
was still not satisfied so I went up to every altar call there was to 
receive anointings that were passed from prophet to layman, from
intercessor to layman, etc. I wanted it ALL so I could "be like 
them" and didn't really think about being like Jesus! I put these 
speakers up on a pedestal that was so high it was impossible for 
them to fall - so I thought. What a sorry state I became. This week, 
today in fact, I realized that I had to throw out most of my books, 
some of which I never read that I had bought at conferences in
hopes I would some day find time to read them. I threw out many 
CDs, all tapes, and anything that I didn't know for sure that was 
of the Lord. My prayer partner and I prayed for a long time last 
night and renounced participating in different conferences, listening 
to different speakers who were not of the Lord. Renounced different 
anointings that may not have been of Him, and asked the Lord to
forgive us for accepting anything and everything, just so that it 
would make us more "spiritual" and we didn't care where it came 
from as long as somebody we trusted recommended it/them to us 
we considered that it was okay. - Wrong!

So now I have many less books, tapes, CDs and anything else that 
was not of the Lord. Hopefully, I can be more discerning in the future. 
Along with asking Him to forgive us we did ask the Lord for His 
discernment because we definitely do not want to fall into that trap again.