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From: "ANZAC Prophetic List" <prophetic@...>
Date: Wed, 22 Dec 2004 15:32:03 -0600
NOTE:  James Smith is a young firebrand preacher currently
based in South Dakota. He is an ex-skinhead now in ministry, 
with a fiery prophet's message. We published his article on
"A Preacher's Struggle" earlier in the year.

James will be one of the speakers at our "JOHN THE BAPTIST"
Conference in early March. Below are some extracts from his 
recent writings:

-by James Smith <xchurch@...>

We are seeing the day when the Lazarus Generation finally comes 
forth. The day when the Elijah spirit is returned to the Body of Christ. 
When the nameless, faceless prophets climb atop a lonely hill and 
boldly address great and small alike. 

It is time to choose sides again. Like Elijah, the question of "How 
long will you halt between two opinions?" is being asked. It seems 
that Leonard Ravenhill was correct when he asserted that "Revival 
is what happens when God gets so sick and tired of being 
misrepresented that he shows himself". God has endured the fluff, 
the snake-oil salesmen, the slick-Willy preacher-politicians and 
the preachers-for-hire for 30 years now. He has sat by while 
repentence preaching became unfashionable and prosperity 
teaching and seeker-sensitive doctrines took center stage. He has 
watched us cheapen every aspect of Christianity and dilute 
everything into a tasteless paste. And repentance has been  
equated with ignorance and fiery preaching seen as legalistic
condemnation. I have seen the results of such preaching 
myself. The humanistic, neo-hippy Christians of today who have 
no room in their hearts for the truth. But God is no respecter of 
persons. He has silently been developing many men and women 
of God against this day. People from every denomination and 
background are hearing the call from God of No Compromise, 
No Sellout. And an army is coming forth. God is calling forth 
a guerilla army in a revolution whose goals are revival, restoration, 
reformation and repentance.

This revolution is for you. You have come into the Kingdom for a 
time such as this. 

I, like David, want to let the world know that there is a God in 
Israel, as alive and active today as He ever was then. Maybe if a 
few of us sellout completely to God, seek Him and His presence 
without reserve or fear and do as He leads us, then maybe, just 
maybe, He will visit this generation in a greater way than any 
who have gone before us.

I am sick to death of positive thinking, abuses of spiritual power 
for their own sake, flakes masquerading as prophets, feel good 
messages, embarassing spokesmen for our faith crying on TV, 
Wolf's blood Pastors only concerned with their own agenda and 
Politically correct Christians just waiting for their chance to be 
offended. I am tired of there being no power in our churches 
besides fluff demonstrations that only relay a  Jesus that is as 
silly headed as his followers. 

We have grown fat, lax and comfortable in our faith, friends.  We 
have made God into our image and our likeness and set Him upon 
our coffee tables as a conversation piece.

Even in the Gospels, it was the inner circle of disciples who 
followed the Lord everywhere He went.  There were masses who 
came to hear Him, the thousands who followed Him around, the 
hundreds who were disciples, the seventy who were sent, the 
twelve who gave up everything and learned the secrets of the 
ages and the three who were closest to Him.

We are not looking for the masses that come for a show; we are 
interested in the twelve who leave all to follow the Master.  We 
like to see those who are being called to an extreme level of 
service to Christ today "hardcore bare knuckle street prophets".

This is the generation of extreme sports, youth not content with 
playing tennis at the country club, they would rather rock climb, 
bungee jump and skydive.  This is not a generation of comfort and 
convenience; it is a generation looking for a cause.

And they will find that cause in Christ.  However, the cause that 
they raise the banner of will not be one of personal agenda, board 
meetings, slickly marketed programs or church growth.  It will be 
the concretization of every hope that had been an abstraction to 
them.  It will be greater than the need to conform to the church, 
greater than the need to succeed, greater than anything else the 
world has to offer.  They will be the new church's exodus from 
Babylon, the supplanters of the Laodiceans. Indeed, the radical 
beliefs that will characterize this generation may very well 
diametrically oppose everything that the church has become in 
the last 30 years....

God bless you all. 
In Christ alone,

James Smith.