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Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2005 21:41:30 -0600
NOTE:  Some people believe there has been a kind of "feminizing" 
of the church, so that many men don't feel comfortable getting 
involved. Too much wishy-washy music, tugging at the heart-strings, 
and softly-softly preaching. Is there a revolution coming where this is 
going to change? The below article brings out some pretty shocking 

"WHERE are the MEN?" 
-extracts by Rodney W. Francis.  

In my travels around the world I continually notice in Christian 
meetings the shortage of MEN! While putting this article together, 
I spoke in a church I had not been to before, and could not help 
but notice the shortage of men in the meeting. So I counted up the 
adults - and the women outnumbered the men seven to one!  

Men always seem to be in the minority. I remember a number of 
years ago reading the statistics of people on the mission fields of 
the world. It was a staggering sixteen women to every one man! 
This does not seem to be right, nor is it God?s will that more and 
more responsibility for the proclaiming of the Gospel should be 
upon the women (this in no way reflects upon the women - many 
are doing a marvellous work). But we do have to ask, 
"WHERE are the MEN?"  

 * Why do men seem to struggle more in making a total commitment 
to Jesus Christ than the women?   
* Is it because men are somehow "distracted" by their desire to 
provide for their families - and therefore go after the security of 
what money can bring - rather than proving in a positive and powerful 
way that the call of God upon one's life is more satisfying and more 
rewarding than anything this world can offer?   
* Or, do they allow the natural mindset of logical thinking to 
overshadow the supernatural way of the Holy Spirit?   
* Or, do they lack the courage to stand up and be counted?   
* Or, have they been so disillusioned by the way that Christian 
Preachers, Pastors and/or Churches often are unable to impart 
vision and leadership skills and challenges in such a way as to 
inspire men to want to serve God fully?  

The answers will be many and varied. But the end result always 
seems to be a shortage of men to make themselves available to 
the service of the King of kings and Lord of lords, Jesus Christ! 


In 1 Samuel 17 we read of a classic case of a very young man 
being left to fulfil the responsibility of supposedly mature, trained 
men, when those same trained men ran away and hid because 
their lives were so fearful of the challenge before them. It is the 
well known passage of Scripture that tells us of David and Goliath. 
In the story, Goliath steps forward and challenges the men of 
Israel to a fight - a one on one encounter and the winner take all! 

Where are the men today? We will never ever know the sweetness 
of true victory if we are not even prepared to accept the challenge 
of our enemy in a "winner take all" fight!

The enemy of God gave a challenge to the nation of God, "Give me 
a man, that we may fight together" ? and they could not respond in 
a positive way. Where were the men?  

Something stirred deeply in the heart of David, for he interpreted 
their actions as being a reproach upon the name of the Lord. He 
stepped forward boldly and fearlessly, and speaking in faith, and 
from experience (as young as he was), he said he would go and 
fight "this uncircumcised Philistine that defies the armies of the 
living God." (1 Samuel 17:26).   

The principles of 1 Samuel 17 are still very relevant today to every 
Christian believer. There are many giants out there and all around 
us who are challenging us. They are challenging us to demonstrate 
that what we say we have as the answers for this generation, that 
we can actually demonstrate effectively that this Gospel of Jesus 
Christ does work in a powerful and positive way.
Where are the men today? Somehow we Christian men must rethink 
our priorities. Life is not about becoming successful or prosperous 
and then, after that, we serve God - or "Our task is to make money 
so others can do the work of the Gospel."  These all become weak 
excuses when we see the fruit of our modern Christianity seemingly 
not being able to produce real committed, dedicated men, willing to 
lay down their lives to demonstrate their love and obedience to the 
One who has "called us out of darkness to walk in His marvellous 
light" (1 Peter 2:9). 

Men, let us rise much higher! Higher than ever before! For there are 
many giants challenging us.  "Greater is He Who is in you, than he 
that is in the world" (1 John 4:4).

-Rodney Francis.
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