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Date: Wed, 02 Feb 2005 15:44:23 -0600
ANDREW STROM WRITES:  I like James Smith and what he 
stands for. He is a young ex-skinhead preacher with a powerful 
message and anointing. I have ministered alongside him and got 
to know him. As you are aware, he will be one of the speakers 
at our "John the Baptist" Conference next month. The things that 
he wrote below were not designed for publication. -He just wrote 
them to a few friends. But I felt that they raise some issues that 
it would be good to discuss more widely. If you have any 
comments, please write to James at-  <xchurch@...>

"A Revivalist's STRUGGLE"
-by James Smith.

Doug, Rick, Andrew and Robert-
Our revival meetings in Yankton, SD went well. As it has been the 
last few times that these have been held, it took 3 days to get 
through to the people and by the 4th we were close to having 
something break. These all seem to be following a general pattern, 
I have noticed.

On the first day, no one knows what to expect. Those who 
attend are generally either from the prophetic movement or from 
mainline denominations. Neither of which seem to have ever 
heard a repentance message before. After the first night, we 
generally lose about a quarter of our audience. The second night 
sees a generally different group attending, along with those who 
stuck it out past night one. Even though they like what they are 
hearing and believe it could be from God, what is being preached 
is so radically different than what they are used to that there is 
no breakthrough as they digest it all. Day three sees the first 
tremors of repenting with weeping in the congregation. By day 
4, they are hungry for the truth. You can see the excitement 
on their faces as they have, over the last few days, come into 
the light. The alter is full and people are weeping and coming 
from death to life.

Everyone involved in leadership feels on the 4th day that a 
break-through is imminent, it could happen at any moment. 
Then we have to close down the revival meetings for lack of funds 
or lack of having a place to continue the meetings.
After the last meetings, I came away each night with $20 - $25 
dollars, 20 of which went to gas. The final day I ended up with 
$40.00. Since no pressure is placed on the people to give and 
there is no selling or buying, no manipulation whatsoever, the 
offerings are low. This hurts the speakers of course, who live 
by the offerings. Worse hit thought is Brother Rick, who puts 
on the events. He intimated to me yesterday that the costs of 
the event has not been met even once. So, he has to pay out of 
I say this because I believe it is something we will all end up 
dealing with regularly. We will have to depend on God more 
than ever before, I feel. I used to see preaching dates as a 
source that God used to meet my needs "in faith". Now that 
those meetings are not even coming close to meeting needs, 
I thank God for the years he has prepared me in advance by 
having me live by faith, praying in everything for the family. But 
what of those who do not know how to do this? What of the future 
of missions and repentance - based ministries? When the 
expected source runs dry, how will the young preachers continue 

Another thing I am noticing is who our enemies are. In almost 
every instance it has been two camps of people; the old prophetic 
movement (gold dust, third heaven, holy laughter, personal word) 
and the once saved- always saved crowd. Our biggest supporters 
are not the Pentecostals that I thought it would be but rather the 
mainline denominations. It would seem that the old line of division 
between those who speak in tongues and those who do not is not 
as important in this latest fight. The hard core truths presented in 
the  meetings revolving around the "old paths" of repentance, 
crucified/risen life, prayer, and whole service to the King do more 
to include the denominations than tongues does to divide. It is 
those who pay no price and trifle with God who are our enemies.

Here are the issues I feel we all face.

1. How do we hold revival for the length of time necessary without 
proper financing and without using a church building (so as to 
avoid de-neutralization of the meeting grounds)? I believe that we 
need to come to a town and stay until something breaks, as 
opposed to the 3-4 day meetings we are accustomed to.
2. How do those who start preaching repentance who are already 
preachers or just becoming one survive when there is no money in 
the offerings?
3. What steps need to be taken in our mindsets if our traditional 
opponents are no longer opposing us?
4. Are there other methods that should be introduced to the 
meetings that they used in previous revivals that are more 
conducive to the atmosphere God is creating rather than our 
"new ox-carts" borrowed from the last 40 years of revival-less 

-James Smith
South Dakota, USA.