[anzac] RAVENHILL PULLS OUT - Conference Goes on.

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From: "ANZAC Prophetic List" <prophetic@...>
Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2005 15:22:40 -0600
From:  Andrew Strom.  (-Moderator).

Dear friends,

Today at 11:43am I received an email that I have to admit shocked
me to the core. David Ravenhill wrote to say that he was pulling
out of the 'John-the-Baptist' Conference. I feel just awful having to
announce this. Obviously it is far too late to cancel the whole event 
now - virtually two weeks out. People have been booking their air 
tickets and accomodation for months. David Ravenhill gave no 
explanation and I am not going to speculate on "Why". But rest 
assured that this Conference is going ahead - because I believe 
that it is God's time for it. There is no way that we are cancelling. 
We still have 5 speakers!

I have asked David Kirkwood to step in to help fill Ravenhill's shoes.
As we said last week, David Kirkwood is an American who spends 
a great deal of time ministering in Third World countries. Even this 
week he is flying to Nigeria to speak at a gathering of 1000
Christian leaders from across that country. Much of his ministry is
focused on correcting some of the worst errors that are infiltrating 
into Africa and Asia from the Western nations - such as 'Prosperity' 
and "Once saved always saved", etc. He is also very focused on 
ministry to the poor and the orphans. 

We are very grateful that David has agreed to step in at the last
minute to take a much larger role in the 'John-the-Baptist'
Conference. He says he will also bring copies of his book "The 
Great Gospel Deception" which he will make available to people
for 'any donation'.

I am terribly sorry to all of you who have booked for this event
thinking that David Ravenhill would be speaking. I was personally
shocked and devastated by his decision. But who knows? -It
is really GOD who is co-ordinating this event, and I really have 
to believe that He has things in hand - and perhaps all this is for 
the best. I don't know. But I am terribly sorry, my friends. I will 
understand completely if you cancel your bookings and decide 
not to attend. -If you want to cancel, please let me know?

But we are going ahead regardless. I hope that many of you will
still attend anyhow. I truly believe it is going to be an important 
weekend. Please PRAY for us, my friends?

God bless you all.

Kindest regards in Christ,

Andrew Strom.